Build Your Own Custom Bike Taxi App Solution

With the innovations in the field of technology, mobile technology is evolving with time. On-demand transportation apps are one of the contributions of advanced mobile technologies. Custom transportation apps are the synonyms of bike taxi applications.

The team of Tekki Web Solutions Pvt.Ltd. develop the custom bike taxi app solutions that are exceptional in efficiency and performance. Our tailored bike taxi apps are highly responsive to user-friendly modules. Some of the bike taxi app solutions’ outstanding features are secure payment gateways, user-friendly, GPS tracking, safety features, delivery support, etc.

No More Traditional Bike Taxi Booking

We help you bring operational efficiency and automation in your bike-taxi business
that helps you expand and scale it to new heights

Why Choose Our Bike Taxi Software Solution?

Our solution is tailored to the unique needs of bike taxi operators and packed with powerful
features and integrations.

Fully Customizable

Bike taxi app is entirely customized as per your business needs.

Time & Cost Efficient

The bike taxi application saves your precious money and time due to the amazing features.

Robust Booking Features

The seamless booking features helps the business as well as the customers to book any bike taxi.

Third Party Integrations

The third-party integration in the bike taxi booking applications makes it reliable for the users.

User Friendly

TWS developers ensure you to provide with the user-friendly UX/UI design of bike taxi application.

Dedicated Partner

We offer a dedicated team to help our clients with an end-to-end solution to deploy the bike taxi booking software.

Global Solution

Multi-currency and language support enables bike taxi operators to deploy our solution across the globe.

Payment Gateway Support

The bike taxi app developed by the TWS supports all types of payment gateways.

Actionable Analytics

The bike taxi businesses can tackle with their business problem by having the analytics.

Implementation & Launch

We will work closely with your business to understand what you exactly want so that we can deliver a tailored bike taxi app solutions.

Understanding Your Needs

TWS team focus on comprehensive requirement gathering to meet the end-users’requirements.

Notifications Integration

Push notifications, SMS, and email alerts are integrated into your solution.

Server Setup & Backup

Our mobile/web app developers will perform the server setup for you.

App Store Submissions

We will help you to list your mobile applications on Apple and Google Play stores.

Payments Integration

Payment gateways integration for the better user experience.

Analytics Integration

Become data driven and take advantage of built-in analytics features.

Security Compliance Check

We will keep you onto the right side of security. No worries here.

Support & Maintenance

We will always be there for help and ensure your business runs smoothly.

Technology And Solution Architecture

A robust enterprise grade technology stack to power your bike taxi application solution.


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