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banned chinese apps

10 Powerful Indian Alternative Apps to Replace Banned Chinese Apps

It is quite shocking news for India that the Indian Govt. has banned Chinese Apps due to privacy concerns. According to the Ministry of Information Technology(Meity) statement, “Chinese apps are posing a threat to the sovereignty and integrity of India.” Somehow, Now banned Chinese apps, including TikTok and cam scanner, are now banned in India. So, if you are looking for the Indian alternative Apps for these banned Chinese apps, we have compiled a list of the best Indian options in this article:

Indian Alternative Apps for Banned Chinese Apps

Tiktok Alternatives – ChingariMitron 

Tiktok, a Chinese app quite popular in India and has been in the headlines for several years due to security concerns. Recently, US residents filed an FTC against Tiktok because it failed to take down the videos posted by the minors under the age of 13, which directly violated their 2019 agreement. So, after several failures, Tiktok is banned in India. For the safer side, you can use the Indian alternative apps like the Chingari app, Mitron app, etc.

Mitron is a free short video maker app developed in Bengaluru, India. It has over 100M downloads on Google Play Store. Mitorn provides a fantastic user interface for the users to create, edit, and share their videos on social media platforms, and even users can explore others’ videos.

Chingari app, an Indian app installed by over 5M users. This app can be used by users to make videos and share videos with their friends. Even the users can get benefits from the game and video features of the Chingari application. The Chingari app is available in multiple languages.

Which apps are made by China?

Worldwide popular Chinese apps:
-UC Browser
-Beauty Plus
-Viva Video
-Parallel Space

Which apps are Indian?

Here is the list of the best Indian apps:

Is Tiktok from China?

Tiktok is a Chinese video-sharing app owned by the Chinese, ByteDance. It was launched for the ios and android devices in 2017.
Most of the users use Tiktok to create short videos, Lip-sync, and demonstrating talent on this platform.

What is wrong with Tiktok?

An FTC was filed against the Tiktok by the US senator for violating its privacy policies. Also, according to some opposition, Tiktok is stealing the private information of the people.

Cam Scanner Alternatives – DocScanner

One of the famous banned Chinese Apps, Cam Scanner is commonly used by the Indians, mostly by the students, to keep digital copies of their notes and documents. Since it also came in the list of the banned Chinese apps, you can now go for the best alternative, Doc Scanner.

Doc Scanner gives a fierce competition to the Cam Scanner as it provides the same benefits as we got from the Cam Scanner application. You can scan anything with this application, whether it is a photo, documents, receipts, reports, etc. You can adjust the size of the image as well as change the format of the picture. Best one!

Share it, Xender Alternative: ShareAll

Now, the time has changed, you can use the share it, xender apps. But, now, these also come under the category of banned Chinese apps. Share All is the best Indian substitute for these Chinese apps. You can send images, video files, and documents through this application. You can share all such data without the help of any internet.

UC Browser, CM Browser, APUS Browser Alternative: Bharat Browser

If you are a user of banned Chinese apps like UC Browser and are now looking for an Indian browser, Bharat Browser is perfect for you. The Bengaluru based IT company develops Bharat Browser for the users to provide them with real-time news in the nine different languages. Different sections for video and image news. You can explore the story from several categories: politics, business, technology, food, sports, automobile, health, education, science, etc.

Helo, Likee, Kwai Alternative: ShareChat

Indians are quite accustomed to using video-sharing Chinese apps like Helo, Likee, Kwai, etc. Definitely, now they are looking for the Indian alternative apps with the same experience, so, we have found the best Indian option: ShareChat. Even ShareChat uses the slogan with its logo, “Made in India.” With this application, you can find and join the groups according to your choice like Pubg gang, English speaking, etc. Here, you can chat with your friends, make videos, music, stream, etc. One of the best Indian social media platforms to keep yourself up-to-date with the local trends.

Beauty Plus, YouCam, Selfie City, Sweet Selfie Alternatives: Indian Selfie Camera

Beauty Plus and You Cam apps are used by the people to enhance the beauty of the picture using the cameras. Here are several Indian apps that are the best substitute for the banned Chinese apps – Beauty Plus and You Cam, but the most suitable Indian alternative apps are Indian Selfie Camera.

Indian Selfie Camera allows the user to make the photo more artistic and alluring with the filters and effects.

News Dog and UC News Alternative: Inshort

The perfect Indian alternative apps for the NewsDog and UC News Chinese apps is Inshort. It is a news aggregator app that displays the news in just 60 words in multiple languages. All the news contains only headlines and facts about the particular situation. It was awarded as the best app on Google in 2015. It includes features like news feed, newsreader, news categories, news share, etc.

Viva Video, V fly, V mate Alternative: Photo Video Maker

Yes, Photo Video Maker is the most suited Indian alternative apps to the viva video maker app. Photo Video Maker, an Indian video maker app updated on Google Play Store in January 2018. It is one of the most liked video editing apps on Google. In this application, you can make slideshows, music videos, stories with photos, videos, and background music.

We Chat Alternative: Hike Messenger

Hike Messenger is an Indian messaging app. It is one of the dominant mobile and web applications designed by Indians. With this application, you will get the same experience as We Chat. It provides features like emojis, stickers, chats themes, privacy, hidden chat, etc. Now, its updated version contains a feature like Private Home where you can watch movies, call and have fun with your loved ones.

Shein Alternative: iDiva

iDiva is the number one online destination for Indian women to explore the products and beauty tips on a single platform. They will get the blog, news, and advice on relationships & love, fashion, beauty, and quiz. So, iDiva can be considered as the best Indian substitute for the Chinese shein app. I hope all these alternatives would transform your habit of using the Chinese app to Indian alternative apps.

banned chinese apps

Final Words:

Difficult roads often lead to a beautiful destination; this quote is perfect for the current situation. The Indian Govt took the crucial step to ban 59 Chinese Apps, which is hard for now, but it would provide an excellent opportunity for the Indian talent to come ahead with the best substitutes for the Chinese apps.

Yes, finally, we found the best and great Indian substitutes for these Chinese apps. Indian apps are efficient enough to provide you with the same user experience as these Chinese apps, as these have millions of downloads and positive reviews on Google Play Store.

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Karan Sood

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