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    Frontend Frameworks AngularJS 5 Best Frontend Javascript Frameworks for Developers

    5 Best Frontend Javascript Frameworks for Developers

    Frameworks are one of the fantastic and powerful tools for web and mobile development. Just think about web development without the use of frameworks? It is a little bit difficult to develop as these frameworks control the entire operations and provide a pleasant user experience. Today we are going to discuss about the best frontend javascript frameworks 2020:

    Let’s first know about what is a framework?

    “Framework is a large collection of pre-defined components that enables the developers to customize them according to the need of the application.”

    Javascript is a widely used frontend framework for web development. If you are confused about choosing the best javascript-based frontend framework, this article is for you. Let’s learn about these frontend frameworks in detail:

    Frontend Javascript Frameworks Market Research

    According to Github, Vuejs is the most starred web framework followed by the React and Angularjs. However, Emberjs has the lowest number of Github stars.

    frontend javascript frameworks

    Which framework is best for the frontend?

    Frontend frameworks make development more comfortable and faster. The best frameworks for frontend are Vue.js, React, Angular, Backbone.js, and Ember.js.

    Which framework is easy to learn?

    Despite all the frontend javascript frameworks worked well for the development. But, Vue.js is one of the easiest ones- easy to learn and implement.

    What are the frontend frameworks?

    The Frontend frameworks are commonly known with the name of “CSS frameworks”. The frontend frameworks are the collection of pre-defined and built-in files and folders that provide the developers with the fantastic development experience by offering pre-existing support.

    Most Popular Frontend Javascript Frameworks for 2020:

     Let’s learn about, which is the best frontend framework?. The five frontend javascript frameworks categories on the bases of frontend framework popularity:






    1.) Vue.js:

    Vuejs is one of the most popular and widely used frontend javascript frameworks for web development

    “Vuejs is a free, open-source, javascript-based frontend framework used to build fantastic user interfaces and build single-page applications.”

    Despite the concept of Vue.js is taken from the Angular and react, but it is better than in many ways. Vue.js includes the supporting libraries to handle the complexities of SPAs. Vue.js is smaller in size and offers Visual DOM and two-way binding.

    Vue.js used by the companies:

    9gag, Xiaomi, Gitlab, Laracasts, etc.

    Vue.js used for:

    Vue.js used for the development of web applications to mobile and PWAs. It can be used for buildings the single-page applications to complex projects.

    Features of Vue.js Framework:

    • Data Binding
    • CSS Transactions and Animations
    • Templates
    • Methods


    • Detailed documentation
    • Easy to learn
    • Flexible
    • Typescript support
    • Beginner-friendly
    • High performance


    • Instable component
    • Small support community
    • Plugins in the Chinese language

    2.) React:

    React is the best frontend javascript frameworks for developing single-page applications(SPAs) and progressive web apps(PWAs). React is developed by Facebook. React is getting popular among the developers from the last two years. React offers virtual DOM and one-way binding. Virtual DOM contributes to the exceptional performance of web applications. 

    React used by the companies:

    Netflix, Yahoo! Mail, Dropbox, Paypal, Pinterest, Timber, Uber, etc.

    React used for:

    Similarly, Vue.js, React framework is useful in creating the simplest applications to complex ones. React is used for the quick deployment of the projects.

    Features of React Framework:

    • Event Handling
    • JSX
    • High Performance
    • Component-Based
    • React Native


    • Large community support
    • Virtual DOM
    • Advanced React dev tools
    • Reusability
    • One-way data binding
    • Easy integration


    • Difficult to learn
    • Only provide solutions for frontend

    3.) Angular:

    Angularjs derived from the Angular framework. Google introduced the first version of Angularjs in 2012. Google team developed the Angular to update the older version of Angularjs. Angular uses the Typescript as a source language. With the arrival of the Angular framework, it has gained popularity in professional web development. Angularjs has MVC(model-view-controller) architecture and offers 2-way data binding.

    Angular used by the companies:

    Forbes, BMW, Microsoft Office Home, Google, etc.

    Angular used for:

    The angular development services used for mobile applications and web applications. Multi-page applications can also be developed with the help of the Angular framework.

    Features of Angular Framework:

    • Cross-platform 
    • High speed and performance
    • Templates to create UI views
    • Quick testing


    • Fast deployment
    • Highly testable applications
    • Two-way binding
    • Strong community


    • Difficult to understand
    • Need the knowledge of Typescript

    4.) Backbone.js

    Backbonejs is an MVC based frontend javascript frameworks that allows the developers to build the single-page applications quickly. Backbone.js runs the engines like underscore.js and Moustache.

    Backbone.js doesn’t offer data binding. While designing the app with different users, you can separate the models using Backbone collections(arrays).

    Backbone.js used by the companies:

    Linkedin Mobile, Pandora, etc.

    Backbone.js used for:

    Backbone.js framework used in the small and single-page applications. It is not recommended to use in large projects due to its low performance.

    Features of Backbone.js:

    • Uses javascript functions
    • Building blocks for developing client-side web applications
    • Free and open-source library
    • Over 100 extensions


    • User-friendly
    • Simple and easy to use
    • Well-organized
    • Lightweight framework


    • Basic dev tools
    • Low popularity
    • Not suitable for more significant projects

    5.) Ember.js

    Ember.js is an open-source and component-based frontend javascript frameworks that offers the two-way data binding exactly similar to angular.js. One of the robust frontend javascript frameworks to tackle the complexities of new projects. Ember.js is based on MVC(model-view-controller) architecture pattern. Ember.js framework is one of the harder to master; it is an entirely rigid framework.

    Ember.js used by the companies:

    Linkedin, Microsoft, Apple, Skylight, etc.

    Ember.js used for:

    Ember.js framework is perfect for modern technological needs. This is mostly used in web applications and mobile applications.

    Features of Ember.js:

    • Offers instance initializers
    • HTML and CSS for the development
    • Management of URL with routes
    • Inspector tool for debugging


    • Two-way binding
    • MVC architecture
    • Perfect for Complex projects
    • Fastest framework
    • Documentation
    • Well-organized


    • Small community
    • Hard learning curve
    • Complex syntax
    • Difficult to learn

    In Final Words:

    The selection of the frontend javascript frameworks for web development depends entirely on the type of project you are going to work on. You can choose the framework from the large-scale projects to MVPs. If you are going to develop a simple single page application, you can go for the Angular.js. But if your project is more demanding, then you can choose the React framework. The appropriate selection of the frontend framework helps to build a perfect web application.

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    frontend javascript frameworks


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