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    On-Demand Solutions Scope and Impact of Telemedicine Solutions | Healthcare Industry

    Scope and Impact of Telemedicine Solutions | Healthcare Industry

    In this era of advanced technology, almost every industry rely on technological devices. Whenever a person feels uncomfortable, they head to the clinic for the primary health checkup. But the problem comes in when situations become like Covid-19, then personal meetings for the minor health challenges are not possible with the doctors. In such situations, there are numerous on-demand telemedicine solutions are available in the healthcare industry like telemedicine, patient app, etc.

    What is Telemedicine?

    Telemedicine is also known with the name of the “online doctor visits” or “doctor visits”. Through telemedicine texas, the patients can discuss issues, symptoms, or even more than that with the doctors remotely. At the same time, the doctors can assess the health through telemedicine software, prescribe the medicines or medical tests, provide suggestions related to the patient’s health issues. Telemedicine provides a robust platform for doctors, nurses, and patients as well.

    “Health On-Demand Attracts $1B In Investments”

    What are the common examples of Telemedicine?

    Telemedicine is an online platform that can be used by both patients and doctors. Telemedicine solutions provide the direct interaction of the doctors and patients even in the faraway places. Some of the famous examples of Telemedicine solutions are Teledoctor apps, Doctor-on-demand, etc.

    What is the use of Telemedicine?

    Telemedicine solutions are boon for the patients who live in remote areas or unable to make personal appointments with the doctors. With Telemedicine’s help, doctors can prescribe the best treatments to the doctors just by knowing the symptoms or health issues.

    What is the difference between Telehealth and Telemedicine?

    Telehealth refers to the process of using the electronic and technological devices by the doctors for the treatment of the patients. Whereas, Telemedicine refers to the platform that allows the interaction of the doctors and patients in the remote areas.

    Telemedicine’s features over personal meetings

    • Telemedicine is the best solution for patients who don’t have enough time for face-to-face interaction with physicians.
    • An effective solution for the people lives in remote areas as they have access to only a few doctors in their villages.
    • Reduce time in commuting from the patient’s home to the doctor’s office.
    • Flexible timing options for the doctors, so that they can interact with patients via telemedicine appointment anytime and anywhere
    • Special Sessions for the people who are coping with the problem of depression or anxiety.

     Telemedicine Benefits for patients:

    ✔ Reduces the health-care costs with Telemedicine solutions

    The telemedicine health care system improves the efficiency of care delivery and decreases the cost of caring in hospitals, less commuting costs.

    ✔ Better than face-to-face meetings

    Telemedicine services allow the patients to get timely meetings or appointments, follow-ups, checkups, and consultation when they require or it is necessary.

    ✔ Strengthens the patient’s trust and satisfaction

    Unlike in the personal meeting scenarios, patients don’t have to wait for several weeks or months to consult with the doctors due to which patients get more satisfactory consultation services.

    Telemedicine Benefits for doctors:

    ✔ Reduction in the clinic expenses

    The use of telemedicine services by the physicians results in lowering the cost of help desk staff, office exam rooms, etc.

    ✔ Less dangerous for health

    Due to the video or online meetings of the patients with the doctors leads to less exposure to the infections or disease that patients may carry.

    Telemedicine Global Market Research


    As per Global Telemedicine Market report, the size of the global telemedicine market increases drastically from 18.1 US Billion Dollars in 2015 to 35.5 US Billion Dollars in 2020 and expected to hike further by 6.5 US Billion Dollars in 2021.

    “North America has been witnessed with the Largest market share in the Telemedicine industry”

    According to the market research reports, Telemedicine is the quickly developing segment in the health care industry in America. Around four-fifths of healthcare in the United States constitutes the patients who are coping with chronic diseases.

    Most of the Americans use the telemedicine services for the consultation with the remote doctors. A survey conducted by the American Telemedicine Association, the majority of the patients from America use the telehealth services followed by the patients from the countries Germany and the UK. Whereas Belgium had the lowest percentage of patients who use telemedicine.


    Convenient On-Demand Solutions for Telemedicine 

    Our health care system is continually improving with technological innovations to meet the demand, due to which various telehealth/telemedicine solutions have been emerging with the time.

    👉 Store and forward telehealth solutions

    Store and forward telehealth/telemedicine solutions (asynchronous telehealth) is a secure approach in which health care professionals can share patient’s medical images related to skin, health, and other health issues with the physicians, radiologists, and specialists at a different location. For instance, the doctors from the remote areas can send pictures, videos, and reports to the specialists like a dermatologist.

    👉 Remote patient monitoring

    Remote patient monitoring (telemonitoring) is an approach for the doctors to tracks patients’health through symptoms and signs from far away places. This is specially designed for the treatment of patients who are coping with chronic diseases like heart attack, diabetes, etc. For example, elderly people who are facing heart problems can be tracked through continuous monitoring by doctors though telemedicine appointments.

    👉 Mobile health solutions

    As most of people are using smartphones, mobile health solutions are very beneficial for them. With this method, the patients can get information regarding their health problems with the use of mobile phones, tablets, etc. This solution is much more than the feature of two-way interaction, it also provides the facility of reminders for the patient so that they can take medication according to the schedule mentioned by the doctors.

    telemedicine solutions

    👉 Real-time telehealth

    Real-time telehealth(synchronous telehealth) involves the features of 2-way online video interaction between the patients and doctors. Helpful the patients who require regular check-ups after getting discharged from the hospitals. To exemplify, a patient needs immediate treatment or prescription for the infection like COVID 19, but they are unable to meet the doctor in person, so in such situations this solution is helpful.

    👉 Distance medical consultation and education for providers

    This method is specially featured for the health care professionals who use the telehealth techniques for medical consultation, queries, and education. For illustration, a member from junior medical staff or trainers from healthcare organizations wants to get the consultation from the expertise over the chronic conditions, so that they can connect with the doctors with this solution.

    In Few Words

    Telemedicine solutions have taken the healthcare industry far above from the traditional way of doctor-patient appointment system. A telemedicine software is a secure way of handling and reporting the patients in critical situations when a doctor is not available on the site.

    Karan Bhardwaj
    Karan Bhardwajhttps://tekkiwebsolutions.com/
    Karan Bhardwaj is a Marketing Expert with 8+ years of experience and working as a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He is Responsible for business strategy, marketing operations, identifying new market opportunities, market research, branding, and business development.
    telemedicine solutions


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