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    Engineering Advice Comparison: ReactJS vs React Native | Which is the best?

    Comparison: ReactJS vs React Native | Which is the best?

    Despite Reactjs vs React Native technologies belong to a powerful family, there is widespread confusion between these. The reason is, Reactjs vs React Native have the same parents, same technological backbone, and even almost similar names. But they are quite different from each other.

    If you are also the one who has great confusion in Reactjs vs React Native, then this article is for you. Before knowing the difference Reactjs vs React Native, you must have the basic knowledge of these two.

    React.js was developed by Facebook in 2011 to build a highly interactive dynamic UI with high performance. However, React Native comes in 2015 developed in the intention to make a cross-platform application that would be more efficient and faster than the native apps. So, Reactjs is used for web applications and React Native for mobile application development. Here we go with the topic of reactjs vs react native. Let’s have a look at what is Reactjs? And what is React Native?

    Which is better Reactjs vs React Native?

    Reactjs used for the interactive UI development for the web applications, whereas, React native used for the cross-platform application development.i.e. for iOs and Android.

    Is ReactJs Frontend or Backend Library?

    ReactJS or React is a front-end library that runs in a browser for the development of the UI web interfaces.

    Why we use React Native?

    React Native is used to developing cross-platform applications that are more efficient than regular native apps. With the React native, you will code on one platform and get the mobile application for two ecosystems.i.e. iOs and Android.


    Reactjs is also referring to React or ReactJS. Reactjs is a javascript library created by Facebook to build interactive user interfaces. Reactjs supports both the server-side and client-side. 

    Like other frameworks, Reactjs includes the library of reusable components that make web application development faster—mostly used for developing web applications and UI. Reactjs works on the view layers of the MVC architecture, alongside the model and controller layers. 

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    Reactjs used by the countries:

    As per the statistics on SimilarTech Website, React.js mostly used in the United States with 202,121. However, 316,008 websites React.js used by the rest of the world.

    reactjs vs react native

    Reactjs used by the industries:

    According to SimilarTech, about 3.02% of the computer electronics and technology related websites developed in React.js, whereas the Least percentage of gaming websites build in React.js with 0.94%. About 92.64% of website related to other industries use the React.js

    Features of Reactjs:

    • JSX – JSX extension for the additional features to use in React.js development.
    • Components – The presence of reusable components makes faster development with React.js.
    • Unidirectional data flow with Flux: React.js works on one-way data binding. But, it can be used as unidirectional with the use of the Flux pattern.
    reactjs vs react native

    Reactjs used by companies: Examples

    Facebook uses React.js in its web client. Instagram, owned by Facebook, also uses the same library. React.js framework supports features like API requests by Google Maps, geolocation services, etc. Other than Facebook, other popular companies that use the react.js are Netflix, Udemy, Medium, etc.

    Pros of using Reactjs:

    • Easy to Learn and Use
    • Virtual DOM
    • One-way Data Binding
    • Excellent Developer Tools
    • Quick Rendering
    • Stable Code
    • SEO-friendly
    • Famous Worldwide

    Cons of using Reactjs:

    • Need addition libraries for routing and API integration
    • Only for the UI part
    • Poor Documentation
    • Large size library

    React Native:

    React Native was launched by Facebook in 2015. React Native is an open-source javascript mobile framework that helps the developers to build the cross-platform applications. The arrival of the React Native in the industry has influenced mobile development very much. Facebook, Instagram, Skype are examples of React Native that demonstrates the smooth transitions and fantastic UI. 

    The idea behind developing the React Native technology is to help the developer code mobile applications fast with the knowledge of the javascript library.

    React Native: Popularity

    reactjs vs react native

    Features of React Native:

    • Open-source: React Native is an open-source and large community of dedicated developers.
    • Cross-Platform: React Native is useful in building mobile applications for entirely two different ecosystems i.e., Android and iOs.
    • Code Reusability: Code reusability in React Native reduces the time of developing cross-platform applications.

    React Native used by companies: Examples

    Facebook Ads was the first application developed with the React Native. Other examples of React Native are Uber Eats and Tesla, etc.

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    Pros of using React Native:

    • Covers two ecosystems-iOs and Android
    • Component reusability
    • UI components
    • More Efficient
    • Large Community Support
    • Third-party plugins

    Cons of React Native:

    • Difficult to learn
    • Lacks in security
    • It takes time to start

    Reactjs vs. React Native: The Best Comparison

    ReactjsReact Native
    Release Year20132015
    UseWeb Applications DevelopmentMobile Applications Development
    PlatformRuns on all PlatfromsPlatform Independent
    AnimationsJava script library and CSSBuilt-in libraries
    HTML tagsYesNo
    ReusabilityCode ComponentsReact Native UI Components and Modules
    SecurityHigh SecurityLow Security
    RenderingWith Virtual DOMWith APIs

    On the Whole:

    Reactjs(React) is used in web application development, whereas React native used in cross-platform application development. React.js is the soul of React Native. The only difference lies in how react.js uses the Virtual DOM for rendering, and React Native uses the Native APIs. React.js uses the HTML; however, React native uses the React Native syntax. So, it’s all about the reactjs vs react native. In the last, React.js helps to create dynamic and responsive UI for web interfaces, while Native mobile apps can be developed with the React Native.
    If you are looking for the reactjs development company, then hire reactjs developer and get affordably priced reactjs developmentt services by the company, Tekki Web Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

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    Karan Bhardwaj
    Karan Bhardwajhttps://tekkiwebsolutions.com/
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    reactjs vs react native


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