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    On-Demand Solutions Grow Your Business with Contactless Delivery App

    Grow Your Business with Contactless Delivery App

    During the Covid-19, everybody wants to get the desired product delivered at his/her doorstep with any human contact. Due to this, the demand for the contact delivery system is increasing day by day. Amid the pandemic, the contactless delivery app is ruling over all other delivery service apps. The contactless delivery systems are in high demand in the food industry. No doubt, with the evolving technology, we have a vast range of restaurants and startups who have adopted online delivery solutions. However still, some companies have not become completely digitalized yet. As a business owner, you should know how you can safely deliver the product to your customers. 

    The coronavirus period has left the business owners to find an alternative solution for safe product delivery. Some companies have introduced a new option as a contactless delivery system to cope with the increased online product delivery demand. How can you implement the contactless delivery app? But, before going deeper into the concept of the contactless delivery system, let’s first understand what exactly the contactless delivery is?

    What is Contactless or No-Contact Delivery?

    As the name implies, contactless delivery means no direct contact with the employees, delivery partners, customers, etc. Contactless delivery is also known with the “No Contact Delivery” or “Zero Contact Delivery” name. Due to the implementation of the social distancing norms, direct delivery in the customer’s hands is avoided by the business owners. In simple words,
    “Contactless delivery means the delivery of the supplies or products at the customer’s doorstep without coming face-to-face with the delivery drivers.”

    How do Contactless delivery apps work?

    Have you imagined how contactless delivery apps would work? Don’t worry. Have a look at the working of the contactless delivery apps. With time’s popularity and demand, all the delivery business owners started using contactless delivery apps to ensure consumers’ safety. With the help of the contactless delivery system, the users needn’t call somewhere. They need to make an order, choose their products, pay for it, and their product is on the way to their destination. How do contactless delivery systems work? Here we go:

    • Visit the website or open an application.
    • After browsing through the options, choose the desired items from your favorite place.
    • Now, click on the contactless delivery option.
    • Make the payment using a card or third party payment system.
    • Notifications or calls from the delivery executive to ensure the delivery timing.
    • Receive the order delivery at your doorstep.

    Famous Contactless Delivery Apps

    Here are some of the examples of the famous and reputed contactless food delivery apps as per their features:

    As per the insights of Mckinsey.com Website, with the increasing demand for the online solutions, the percentage of online food delivery solutions will be increased by 10% in 2022.

    contactless delivery app

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    Why should you choose the Contactless Delivery System for your Business?

    The concept of implementing the contactless delivery system is to ensure the delivery of the food items to the customers who are in need during the lockdown or isolation period. So, this contactless delivery software is a boon for the people. Let’s discuss how contactless delivery app development help your customers and Business:-

    Contactless Delivery Solutions ensure the safety and zero-touch policy

    During this pandemic, when people have fewer reasons to come out of their homes, contactless delivery solutions help them accomplish their basic needs like food, grocery, etc. As customers can choose their orders and make payments online through these applications, it ensures the delivery drivers and customers’ safety. Service providers implement safety measures like minimizing human contact, sanitizing the products, routine health check-ups, etc. Thus, contactless delivery apps are the best option for businesses and customers.

    Contactless delivery solutions build trust among service providers and consumers

    Undoubtedly, every individual’s life comes to a halt during this pandemic crisis, so it is hard for them to trust anyone. The food and grocery businesses can build trust among their customers by having contactless delivery apps by implementing the safety guidelines. You can win the clients’ trust by maintaining the quality of the products, automating the work processes, providing the training to your employees, etc.

    contactless delivery app

    Contactless delivery solutions enhance the customer experience

    No contact delivery solutions provide timely and transparent communication with the customers, which enhances the customer experience. The system transparency is the demand during the time of crisis. Now, the customers can interact with the business owners and ask about order preparation to the delivery time. So, this transparency among the customer-business relationship builds strong trust among them.

    Contactless delivery solutions allow contactless payments

    During this crisis, cashless transactions are considered as the backbone of the online purchase systems. It is mandatory to implement a safe and secure payment system for a successful business. The idea behind adopting contactless payments is to avoid in-person contact. Thus, service providers can now implement their systems with multiple payment systems.

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    Features of Contactless Delivery App Development

    Before going towards the contactless delivery app development, you should know the no-contact delivery apps’ essential features. Here we go:

    User Registration and Login

    The initial step in the contactless delivery app is user registration. The fresh user can register on the application, and existing users can log in. Most users don’t like to fill the registration form, so you can provide them with social media options like registering with Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Sign up with social media is convenient as well as a simple process for the users.

    Geolocation Integration

    Another essential feature of the contactless delivery apps is geolocation integration to track the location’s delivery drivers’ location and location. Geolocation Integration allows the customers to check out the delivery location while they are waiting for the delivery. This feature will help both the customers and business owners reduce the call cost to ask about the delivery location.

    Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

    The advanced and secure multiple payment gateway integrations in the no-contact delivery apps strengthen your Business’s trust. In addition to this, it provides an ease to the customers to make a payment for the product delivery at their doorsteps. This will help the clients select the desired operating systems and desired payment options for a timely delivery.

    Discounts and Gift Card Coupons

    The feature of providing discounts and gift card coupons to the customers help business owners to attract the customers towards their Business. It will help the service providers to provide loyal customers with exciting discounts and gift cards.

    -Custom Features

    These are some of the crucial features of the contactless delivery systems, but you can also add some custom features to your business application as per requirements. You can develop your applications using different APIs for better functionality. You can embed additional features like notifications to inform clients about the orders, process, deliver, etc.

    Team Structure for the Contactless Delivery App Development

    As we all know, for mobile app development, it requires the ideal team structure. But it varies from company to company. But for the basic team structure of the mobile app development company, it includes team members like 

    • Developers(iOs/Android/Cross-Platform)
    • Project Manager
    • Backend Developer
    • Frontend Developer
    • QA Expert

    To develop a flawless mobile application for your Business, you can hire mobile app developers to ensure security and better customer experience.

    Final Thoughts

    We all are going through a tough time where almost every Business is facing a crisis. Meeting the customer’s expectations and requirements helps you to gain a reputation among your competitors. The contactless delivery app development allows you to continue the business operations and provide services to the customers. It will be a win-win situation for your Business. By going digital and maintaining the safety of the customers helps to achieve new heights in your market.
    If you still have some doubts related to the contactless app development, you can contact the expert team of developers at the reputed mobile app development company, Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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    Sarbjit Grewalhttps://www.tekkiwebsolutions.com/
    Mr. Sarbjit Singh Grewal is the Founder & CEO of Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. an IT company delivering integrated business intelligence software solutions for the past decade. In 2006, he capitalized on his 13 years of experience in the global trade flow and software industry by leading Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and since then has been serving as the CEO
    contactless delivery app


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