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    Engineering Advice Flutter vs React Native: Best for Cross-Platform Development

    Flutter vs React Native: Best for Cross-Platform Development

    Flutter vs React Native

    In this digital era, creating mobile apps for business growth has become a hot trend. Since we have a plethora of mobile app development technologies, but still we are confused about choosing the best cross-platform application for our business. Despite the number of cross-platform frameworks is increasing, but React Native and Flutter are the two titans of the industry. The craze for React Native and Flutter never get faint with the time. By the end of this article, you will be aware of all the facts about Flutter and React Native and you will be able to choose the right technology for yourself. So, let’s begin with the introduction of these two powerful cross-platform technologies.

    Introduction: Flutter vs React Native

    React Native 

    flutter vs react native

    React Native is an open-source mobile application framework developed by the team of a famous company, Facebook Inc, in March 2015. React Native framework is compatible with both the web and mobile applications. This framework is a combination of cross-platform and native platform capabilities. React Native is widely used by numerous companies, about 42% of the developers have chosen the React Native framework for the mobile app development. React Native got the 2nd position in the popularity among mobile application developers.


    Flutter vs React Native

    Flutter is also a powerful and open-source framework for cross-platform mobile application development. Flutter works on the principle – learn once, write anywhere. Although the Flutter framework is a newbie in the market, it is trusted by the numerous mobile app developers since it is developed by the popular company, Google. You can develop beautiful, natively compiled web, mobile, and desktop applications just by using the single codebase.

    Popularity: Flutter vs React Native

    Both React Native and Flutter have an almost similar trend of popularity during the last 12 months in the United States. According to Google Trends, the popularity of Flutter is higher than the React Native, it means more number of people search for the term “Flutter” on Google than the term “React Native”.

    Flutter vs React Native

    Programming Language: Flutter vs React Native

    Talking about the programming languages used by these two cross-platform frameworks, then React Native uses the JavaScript, and Flutter uses the Dart Language. JavaScript is the most preferred programming language and used for software development, whereas, Dart is an object-oriented programming language. Comparing the usage of these two programming languages, then JavaScript is still considered as the important language for the modern app development as it is accepted by all the browsers. However, Flutter is widely used for cross-platform application development, as Dart is a safe and expressive language.

    Performance Comparison: Flutter vs React Native

    When it comes to performance comparison of React Native and Flutter, both follow different approaches in performance. There is no doubt, React Native framework is considered as the power-pack language, but unluckily, it is quite poor in performance as compared to Flutter’s performance.
    Let’s learn in-depth about performance, React Native is the combination of Native and JavaScript. So, additional interactions with natives are required by the developers to extend the performance. But, Flutter uses the Dart language and is compiled using the C/C++ library, which makes it closer to machine language. Hence, Flutter’s performance is smooth and faster.

    Flutter vs React Native

    Development: Flutter vs React Native

    Development features play an important role in the developer’s productivity. Let’s talk about React Native vs Flutter’s development features. React Native is a JavaScript-based framework and it has hot reload components that save the developer’s time in development and testing. Whereas, Widgets are the main building blocks in Flutter. Flutter comes with a wide range of ready-to-use widgets comprises of material design concepts, so it speeds up the development time.
    For IDE support, React Native is supported by almost all the text editors and IDE. On the other hand, Flutter is supported by a few numbers of text editors and IDEs. Flutter is officially supported by the Android Studio, IntelliJ Idea, and Visual Studio Code.

    Architecture: Flutter vs React Native

    Let’s have a look at React Native and Flutter’s architecture. React Native is based on Flux and Redux Architecture. React Native allows the communication between JavaScript and Native language with the support of JavaScript bridge. In React Native, JavaScript code complies with native code during the runtime environment.
    In contrast, Flutter uses Skia Architecture. It doesn’t require the communication bridge. As it is Dart based, it has many frameworks, like Material Design and Cupertino, that are in-built and packed inside with all the technologies that are essential for the mobile app development.

    Community Support: Flutter vs React Native

    Having strong community support also helps the developers to increase their productivity. Let’s compare the community support for these two popular frameworks. Since 2015, React Native is gaining popularity. React Native has a community on Github and various types of meetups and conferences held on React Native every year.
    Despite the Flutter is fairly new in the mobile app development world, but it is growing and has gained the attention of numerous developers around the world. Even Google has itself promoted the Flutter in Google I/O Conference 2017

    Latest Releases: Flutter vs React Native

    Considering the latest stable versions of these two frameworks- flutter framework and react native framework. Facebook Inc. releases the stable version of React Native as React Native 0.63. This stable version comes up with the solution to the error problems in LogBox. Now, the LogBox includes the notifications of warnings and errors in code and apps APKs.
    In the case of Flutter, Google launched the latest stable version of Flutter as Google’s Flutter 1.20 framework which is useful in creating user interfaces for mobile apps. The latest versions comprise the support to VS code extension and mobile autofill.

    Popular Apps: Flutter vs React Native 2020

    flutter vs react native

    As we all know flutter vs react native 2020, both Flutter and React Native are popular technologies used for mobile app development, so there is no surprise that these are used by famous and reputed companies for their business growth. These are reasons why most of the people choose the flutter app development services and react native development services for their businesses. Popular React Native Apps are Facebook, Facebook Ads, Sound Cloud Pulse, Walmart, Wix, Delivery.com, Townske, etc.

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    Popular Flutter Apps are Realtor.com, Tencent, The News York Times, Square, Google Assistant, eBay, etc.

    Which is the best?: Flutter vs React Native 2020

    There is no doubt React Native and Flutter, both are powerful and popular frameworks for mobile app development. Yeah, it’s true, Flutter is quite new, but it has become the strong competitor to React Native. Even, it overtakes the React Native at some points. 
    If you are still confused about choosing the right mobile app development services, then you can hire mobile app developer at Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for cross platform development services.

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    Sarbjit Grewalhttps://www.tekkiwebsolutions.com/
    Mr. Sarbjit Singh Grewal is the Founder & CEO of Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. an IT company delivering integrated business intelligence software solutions for the past decade. In 2006, he capitalized on his 13 years of experience in the global trade flow and software industry by leading Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and since then has been serving as the CEO
    flutter vs react native


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