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    Digital Marketing How to create backlinks | 10 Powerful Backlink Building Strategies

    How to create backlinks | 10 Powerful Backlink Building Strategies

    The backbone of Search Engine Optimization of any website is Backlinks. Creating high-quality backlinks for a website is not a piece of cake. Building quality backlinks mean you need the websites with metrics like high domain authority, lower Alexa, etc. Before diving deeper into the ocean of backlinks building strategy. Let’s first understand the term Backlinks.

    “Backlinks, a part of Off-page SEO, known as inbound or incoming links, the link we posted on another person’s website to get the reference to our website”

    In simple words, getting the benefits from the highly authoritative sites by just posting the good quality content with our website’s link. For example, you have posted the blog content on quora with your web site’s link, then this process is known as the backlinking, as this link is pointing directly to your website. By doing so, if your blog content is providing a solution to someone’s problem, then definitely the reader would come to your website which indirectly increases the traffic on your website. This is called as the referral traffic. The formula for creating quality backlinks

    “Quality Content + Targeted Outreach + Value Addition = Links”

    Generally, backlinks are categorized into two types

    1. Follow Backlinks
    2. Nofollow Backlinks
    Follow Backlinks
    • provides strength to your website
    • adds on to your domain authority
    • enhance page authority
    Nofollow Backlinks
    • doesn’t provide strength to your website
    • still useful in referring traffic to your website

    Importance of Creating Backlinks

    Those days were gone when the bulk of backlinks considered good for the authority of your website. Now, as per updations in google’s algorithm, only quality backlinks are appreciated for the ranking of your website in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). 

    “It would not be going to happen just by building a website and expecting that people will find it without any direction “

    Your website needs something that diverts the readers to your website. and it could only happen with the help of the backlinking process. Google is working on a strategy that will check the quality of the backlinks. It means you could seemingly in trouble if you are not getting backlinks from the good sites. So, the strategy of creating backlinks on quality websites is very essential. However, finding such a website is a little bit difficult, but it can be possible if you do more effort. Here, we are going to discuss the best ways of earning backlinks for your website.


    As per the results of Moz‘s research on primary factors that contribute to Google rankings, domain authority plays the largest role in this as they contribute about 20% followed by the backlinks with 18% and On-page keyword optimization with 15%.

    Best Ways to Create Backlinks for your Website

    Method 1:- Broken-Link Building

    Despite the broken-link building technique is time-consuming, but it is a great tactic for building backlinks. With the explosion blast in the web technologies and web design, the number of broken links is increasing on the web. 

    “Broken-Link Building is a technique in which you find the broken links, create fresh content for a similar title and asking webmaster about the website owner to replace with the freshly created content”

    This technique would work as nobody wants to have the broken links on their website. Moreover, at the same time, you are helping the webmaster by helping it in cleaning the web. Tools for finding the Broken Links on Web – Broken Link Checker, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Google Webmaster Tools, etc.

    You can find the broken link methods by using this type of queries

    • your keyword + links
    • your keyword + resources
    • keyword inurl:links

    Method 2:- Backlinks through Infographics

    Getting backlinks through infographics is one of the famous methods for creating quality backlinks. As most of the people prefer to gain knowledge through visual data, therefore, infographics are getting popular. Follow a few steps to create the infographics :

    • Step1: Search for the currently trending topics
    • Step2: Identify the topic as per the public’s interest
    • Step3: Design Infographics according to the satistical data
    • Step4: Add unique and engaging content

    See, how simple it is to create an infographic. You can create it by yourself or by hiring any designer. You can hire infographic designers at an affordable price on websites like Dribbble and Fiverr. Some of the infographics sites are Piktochart, Venngage, Canva, etc.

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    Method 3:- Guest Post Publication

    The most effective way of reaching the targeted audience is guest post blogging. It is an amazing way of displaying the content in front of the new readers and followers of that website. It will help you to gain more authority and traffic on the website. Guest posting is free as well as paid on a few websites. Even Google Analytics also provides the opportunity of expanding your audience by publishing the content on their blog. Queries that can help search for the guest post articles

    • Keyword + “Guest Post”
    • Keyword + “Write for us”
    • Keyword Intitle: Guest Post

    (Suggestion:- you can add the links of your social media sites so that the readers can reach it if they like your content.)

    Method 4: Competitors Analysis

    Competitor Analysis is the key to win the race of acquiring top- positions in the SERPs’ranking. In the beginning, the competitor analysis is hard but as you started to dig it up you will find more out of it. Make your competitors’ analysis easier by following the steps:

    • Step1: Choose the right competitors
    • Step2: Identify the exact aspect of the competitors’ business that can be beneficial
    • Step3: Domain where you can find the data
    • Step4: Determine the way to use insights for the improvement of your business

    Method 5: Internal Links Creation

    Before starting with the strategy of creating internal linking, first, let’s understand what is Internal Links?

    “Internal Links are the kind of hyperlinks that points to another page from a page on the same domain”

    Reason for the building internal links on a website
    • Boosts the pageviews
    • Improves the PageRank
    • Creates page hierarchy
    • Easiness in navigation
    • Faster crawling and indexing
    Tips for the best internal links

    If the internal linking of the pages done properly, then provide the option of the easy navigation of the user throughout the webpages and better user experience.

    • Quality Content
    • Anchor Text
    • Avoid the linking with the homepage and contact us.
    • Natural Links
    • Relevant Links
    • Follow Links
    • Limited Internal Links

    Method 6:- Through Journalism and Blogging

    To earn the opportunity of publishing your content in the media, the magazine is not a task like a walk in the park. Initially, many business owners try two ways. Firstly, publish content in press releases. Secondly, arranging press conferences. But the press conference is expensive for most of the startups and small businesses. 

    To overcome this problem, the third possibility is left is to contact journalists and bloggers. But before starting with this, you just try to understand how these people write content to attract the huge mass of the audience. After reaching their level, you can find their emails on the internet to approach them. Tools for finding the emails of the journalists and bloggers:- Thrust.io and Emailfinder.io. After this, you can send them some samples of your writings. Follow the strategy of writing the short and to the point content, as, generally the long and lengthy emails are considered as boring.

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    Method 7:- Testimonials and Reviews

    Writing testimonials on websites with high DA is regarded as the simplest way of getting the backlinks through direct promotion. Now, you would imagine an easy process. Right? Well yes, you are right. Writing testimonials is one of the straightforward and easiest methods of building backlinks and getting juice from the authorized websites.

    Types of the Testimonials:

    • Quote Testimonials
    • Image/Video Testimonials
    • Through Social Media
    • Case Study
    • Peer Review
    • Customer Review
    • Press Review

    Method 8:- Backlinks via Donation site

    The process of getting backlinks from the donation sites can be lengthy but it is quite straightforward. Whenever you request such sites for creating backlinks, it has two possibilities- one is your request approved in just a few hours and another is you have to wait for even weeks or months. The only typical part of this procedure is to find the right donation link building sites. You cannot start with the donation once you find any donation site, without checking the following points

    • Page Authority
    • Domain Authority
    • Outbound Links
    • Price
    • Niche

    Strings that can be helpful to find the donation sites on Google

    “contribution page+keyword”

    Method 9:- Content Promotion

    The creation of valuable content is useless unless you get a backlink from it. To get the juice from your quality content, you need to promote your content on various blogs and websites or by doing the process of email outreach. You can contact the webmaster by searching about the SEO roundups on google. Just type this query in your search bar-


    Once you find the best roundup for your website, contact that webmaster and send the content of your website. If they like your website, then they definitely consider your website and provide a benefit by giving you a backlink.

    Method 10:- Backlinks through getting interviewed

    Backlinks via getting interviews or giving interviews on various websites are one of the interesting ways. The prerequisite for this process is that your website should have required authority at the domain and page level. In this method, 

    “You interview the expert bloggers or personality on the internet and in return, they post that interview on their website by linking to your website”


    “Another blogger interviewed you, regarding your hobbies or other skills and post that content on his blog with a link to your website”

    Steps to perform this strategy:

    • Look for the interview opportunities 
    • Convenience them to take your interview
    • Answer the Interview Questions
    • Promote your Interview


    Building the quality backlinks is challenging sometimes, but the use of the right strategies and methods can hike you to the heights that you can never imagine. The only need to keep an eye on the link building strategy. Only consider the websites that are fruitful for your website ranking.
    If you are looking for the best SEO Services in San Jose, then contact the reputed SEO services company, Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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    Sarbjit Grewalhttps://www.tekkiwebsolutions.com/
    Mr. Sarbjit Singh Grewal is the Founder & CEO of Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. an IT company delivering integrated business intelligence software solutions for the past decade. In 2006, he capitalized on his 13 years of experience in the global trade flow and software industry by leading Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and since then has been serving as the CEO


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