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    Engineering Advice How to Increase Sales with Web Designing

    How to Increase Sales with Web Designing

    Are you failed to get massive traffic on your website? Have you found the exact reason for the failure of your website? Analyze your web design once. Is it user-friendly? Is it viable as per your customers? Believe me or not, website designs have a powerful impact on website visitors. 

    According to Microsoft Corp,

    “Today’s humans have an average attention span of a mere 8 seconds.”

    So, it is apparent that a visitor will stay on your website only if it manages to provide a fantastic user experience with a beautiful user interface. 

    According to the hub spot blog‘s research, more than 60% of users reviewed that website design is essential to their content viewing experience. And about 38% of people left the website because it is unattractive.

    How does website design affect sales?

    Higher the user engagement rate on your website, higher the conversions. So, always try to improve your web design by optimizing page speed, call-to-actions, navigation, etc.

    What does a good web design look like?

    Ideal and good web design means simple and functional. Good web design helps the customers navigate the website and know about the business and hire the necessary services.

    Today our concern topic is related to how to boost sales with improved website design?

    Best ways to improve web design to boost sales

    Let’s learn how vital website design for sales and marketing? Have a look at one more finding by Aberdeen Group, according to them, 1 second delay in load time means a 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer page views, and a 16 % decline in customer satisfaction.

     Let’s begin with tips and tricks to improve web design to enhance sales and conversions:

    #Tip1: Go for Responsive Web Design

    One of the essential tips and techniques to boost sales and conversions on your website is to create a responsive web design. Adopting the responsive web design of your site ensures the compatibility of the website according to the device. 

    Whether the user is accessing the website on a smartphone or a desktop, the responsive web design adjusts the screen resolution as per the screen type.

    As we know, most users use the mobile to access any website rather than use a computer, so it is a must for your convert your conversions to have a responsive web design.

    “About 37% of people likely to buy products using mobile phones.”

    Web design example with responsive web design

    web design

    The Dropbox website is the best example of responsive web design due to the fluid grid and flexible visuals. This responsive web design consists of features like change in image orientation while shifting from desktop to smartphones, and change in the background color according to the device.

    #Tip2: Website Page Speed Optimization

    Your website or business entirely relies on the adaptable website design and best page speed. No matter how beautifully you have designed your website, but it does not have optimized web page speed, then it will inevitably impact your conversions and sales. 

    It is often experienced as the visitors leave the web page and hit the back button if a web page takes more than 5 seconds.

    To avoid having such problems with your website, check the page speed in Google Page Insights, if it is not as per the norms, optimize your website by using the compressed the media files, reducing the number of plugins, etc. 

    Web design example with optimized page speed

    web design

    The website of a reputed and famous car company, BMW, is the finest example of web design with excellent website page speed optimization. According to the google page insight report, it has a score of over 50 with 5.3 seconds time-to-interact.

    #Tip3: Use White Spaces to Make It More Engaging

    It is the widespread mistake of the bloggers and website owners to create a mess on the website by filling every inch of the site with the information and visuals. But, in actual, this practice makes your website irritating for the visitors. 

    The visitors will get attracted to the other features rather than providing attention to the essential information. 

    So, keep your website design simple as much as possible. White space is the necessity of the best website design. It provides you with a clean site and keeps your audience engaged with the crucial information.

    Web design example with white spaces

    web design

    Apple is the perfect example of the website design with fantastic utilization of the white space. Neither very spacy nor very messy. Appropriate web design as per their visitors. 

    #Tip4: Smooth and Logical Navigation 

    Whenever you design a business website, never forget about the importance of navigation within site. Make sure your customers can find anything they want on your website without any confusion. Moreover, Google crawlers also go through the website navigation; if it fails to do so, it will impact your site.

    To make the navigation on your website smooth, you should categorize your content in different categories and arrange it in a hierarchy. It will help you to provide a better user experience to the visitors and users. 

    Web design example with optimized navigation

    web design

    The Disqus website is the right example of the website design with smooth navigation and logical arrangement of the content in different categories. Disqus offers the best and effective web design with beautiful navigation. The header is highlighted with white color with a blue background and navigation categories in the footer.

    #Tip5: Choosing the Optimal Images, Videos, and Colors

    Another factor in enhancing sales with web design is integrating the optimal images, videos, and colors. Undoubtedly, you can increase sales by 30% by having the visuals on your website. A website with text blocks will have more bounce rates than the site with the visuals-images and videos.

    Adding visuals to your website also helps you to engage the visitors on the website for a longer time. 

    Thus choose the visuals for your website as per your color scheme of the website. According to research, light colors are the preferred choice for websites compared to dark colors.

    Web design example with amazing visuals

    web design

    Just look at the UI of this website- a famous watch brand, Rolex. Their website contains fewer content dominated by their fantastic photography. The watches pictures encourage the customers/visitors to click the image to learn more about the watches. So, you can go with web design with optimal visuals, including images and videos.

    #Tip6: Embed the Call-to-Action Button in Content

    Let’s suppose a user finds something interesting on your website and now looking for an option to book your services, here is the time when a call-to-action button is required. Unavailability of the call-to-action button can lower your conversions and result in the decline of the sales. 

    So, try to add the call-to-action button at the relevant position on your website to have an increase in your sales. Since, by having the call-to-action button, customers will reach the place where they can get the details and ask for services. In addition to this, customers will get information about what you are actually selling.

    Web Design example with Perfect Call-to-Actions

    web design

    Samsung, a popular smart devices website, is the best example of the web design with ideal call-to-action. They have provided the option of call-to-actions by using the button “Shop Now”.

    Final Thoughts

    By reading this article, I think you have analyzed how vital web design is to boost sales. Having the ideal web design can be a challenging task. But these tips and techniques will help you attract and engage the targetted audience much faster and enhance conversions. 

    If you are looking for the best web design services, you can hire web designer of the reputed and expert company, Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    Sarbjit Grewalhttps://www.tekkiwebsolutions.com/
    Mr. Sarbjit Singh Grewal is the Founder & CEO of Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. an IT company delivering integrated business intelligence software solutions for the past decade. In 2006, he capitalized on his 13 years of experience in the global trade flow and software industry by leading Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and since then has been serving as the CEO
    web design


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