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    Engineering Advice What is the Importance of JavaScript in Web Application Development?

    What is the Importance of JavaScript in Web Application Development?

    Undoubtedly, JavaScript has a unique position in the world of web application development. The popularity of JavaScript can be recognized with this, around 94.5% of the websites and apps are developed using JavaScript. JavaScript is widely used for the development of dynamic and interactive web pages since 1995. The reason for using JavaScript by web development companies is its efficiency in developing high performing web applications.

    JavaScript or its trending JavaScript frameworks have a big hand behind the excellent functionalities like locating routes on Google Maps, Watching videos on Youtube, and many more. Today, our article focuses on what makes JavaScript so essential for modern web application development? Before getting deeper into the world of JavaScript world, let’s first know about JavaScript.

    “JavaScript is a client-side programming language that allows the web developers to make the dynamic and interactive web pages by implementing the client-side scripts.”

    JavaScript was developed by the company NetScript in the year 1995 to provide support to its browser named as Navigator. What’s more, JavaScript is the only interpreted programming language that has been universally accepted by all the web applications and browsers. More Interestingly, several JavaScript Frameworks are extensively used by the developers. These frameworks include Angularjs, Reactjs, Nodejs, Emberjs, etc. Talking about the popularity of JavaScript, then as per the SimilarTech statistics, about 20 Million are developed using JavaScript. 

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    Practical Uses of JavaScript

    Let’s have a look at the practical uses of JavaScript. How can JavaScript be used for various websites and applications development? JavaScript is mostly used to develop web development, presentations, web servers, and mobile applications.

    Web Development

    As we all know, JavaScript is a client-side scripting language used for the development of the dynamic web pages with special pages affects. Moreover, you can add the features of external applications like PDF documents, running widgets, etc.

    Mobile Applications

    Undoubtedly, mobile applications can be developed for both the iOs and Android versions, requiring two different development languages. Thanks to JavaScript, it provides us with the PhoneGap framework that makes it happen to write it once and use it on both platforms.

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    Web Servers

    Yes, web servers’ programming is also possible with the JavaScript framework, Nodejs. The most attractive feature of using the Nodejs in web servers is that it doesn’t wait for the previous call responses. Other than this, the web servers developed using Nodejs are very fast and efficient.


    Unquestionably, we know JavaScript is a fantastic programming language, but it also offers a vast range of libraries for web-based slide development. For making beautiful presentations, you can use the tremendous JavaScript libraries named Reveal and Bespoke JS.
    Besides this, JavaScript is popularity used to develop games, graphics designing, flying robots, etc. Even after a decade of JavaScript arrival, it is quite right that it is used to create web application, server apps, and web pages.

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    How important JavaScript for Web Application Development?

    There are multiple reasons why web developers should use JavaScript for web application development. Developers can combine JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 to create web application compatible with web browsers, platforms, and devices. Let’s go through the points that make it essential to use JavaScript for web application development.

    JavaScript implements Client-Side Scripts

    JavaScript is itself a client-side scripting language used by many websites as a client-side programming language. It is very easy for web developers to write the client-side scripts in JavaScript and its integration with HTML. Another benefit of using the JavaScript is that it makes the web pages interactive, create richer user interfaces, reduces server load.

    JavaScript used for Writing Server-Side Code

    Yeah, JavaScript can also be used for writing the server-side code with the use of cross-platform runtime engine Nodejs. The web developers use Nodejs for the client-side and server-side code in JavaScript. The availability of the built-in libraries in the Nodejs allows the coders to run the applications without using any external web servers.

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    JavaScript provides a vast range of Libraries

    Another beneficial point of JavaScript is that it provides an immense range of libraries and frameworks that allow developers to extend the JavaScript functionalities. JavaScript comprises all kinds of libraries, lightweight as well as heavily-loaded featured libraries. To add the functionalities to complex web application development, libraries like Angularjs and Ember can be used. To make the project hassle-free, lightweight libraries like Reactjs can be used.

    MEAN stack comprises JavaScript technologies

    There is no surprise to reveal that the MEAN stack is the powerful technology stack for modern web application development. It is not only used for the development of modern web application but also makes the development process easier for web developers. Even MEAN stack used the JavaScript technologies in the front-end and back-end of web application development. Thus, JavaScript is trusted by the reputed web application development companies for JavaScript web applications. 

    MEAN = MongoDB + Express.js + Angular.js + Node.js

    JavaScript used for the AMP Projects Optimization

    To provide a wonderful user experience to the mobile application users, Google has launched the Accelerated Mobile Pages project to accomplish this task. Undoubtedly, It is mandatory to choose several optimization techniques to enhance mobile web pages’ loading speed. The web developers integrate AMP technology into the web pages through HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

    Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks used for Web App Development

    JavaScript frameworks are the JavaScript libraries that use the already written code for standard programming functions and tasks. Let’s know about the most popular and best JavaScript framework for web application development. 

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    AngularJS is an open-source typescript-based framework backed by Google used for the development of single-page applications. Angular is considered one of the powerful frameworks for web application development. AngularJS provides superior speed and performance, cross-platform application development, enhanced productivity, easier development process, etc.


    ReactJS is another popular JavaScript framework backed by Facebook, developed in the year 2011. ReactJS is also an open-source JavaScript library used for creating dynamic user interfaces of web pages with heavy traffic. ReactJS provides features like virtual DOM, high performance, component-based library, superior event-handling, etc.


    In 2016, the VueJS framework was launched for creating creative and unique User Interfaces. Although VueJS is quite a new JavaScript framework, over 40,000 websites are developed until now. The features of VueJS are the use of virtual DOM, CSS transitions and animations, HTML-based templates, faster development process, etc. VueJS is a lightweight JavaScript library trusted by millions of developers.


    EmberJS is also the latest and a popular JavaScript framework used for the web and mobile apps development. EmberJS was launched in 2015. Linkedin and Netflix are websites that are developed using EmberJS. The EmberJS framework’s feature is the availability of routes, offers Ember inspector tool for debugging, Templates, etc. EmberJS provides more freedom and flexibility to write code and create web applications in a very short time.


    Another JavaScript framework backed by Google is PolymerJS, used to develop the website’s elements without any complexity. This JavaScript frameworks allow both the one-way and two-way data binding. Some of the features of PolymerJS are Google Material design to develop mobile apps fast and easy, polyfills for customized and reusable elements, use of web-standard API’s, etc.


    One of the easiest frameworks to learn and understand is BackboneJS, used to create single-page applications. The use of API’s in the BackboneJS framework helps achieve the complex functionalities by writing less code. Some features of BackboneJS are using JavaScript functions, hundreds of extensions, proper code organization, etc.


    NodeJS is a server-side JavaScript runtime environment. NodeJS is an event-driven framework that doesn’t wait for input and output responses. NodeJS helps develop real-time applications for better and high performance.
    After reading about JavaScript’s practical uses and the real-time use of powerful JavaScript libraries or frameworks, I think you are aware of how vital JavaScript is for web application development. With the availability of a wide choice of technologies, scripting, and programming languages, JavaScript has assured the top position among all the programming languages for web application development.

    Final Thoughts

    By considering all the strong points of JavaScript and its frameworks, I don’t think any other technology can compete with JavaScript’s reliability and faster performance. JavaScript is highly recommended for the modern web developers, as it provides the capability to offer the optimal user experience on the different devices, operating systems, and browsers. Even you can combine the multiple JavaScript tools and libraries to enhance the functionality of your complex web application development. JavaScript builds interactive web application and helps enhance the speed, performance, functionality, usability, and applications without any hassle. 

    If you still doubt the javascript web application development, you can hire web developer of the web development company, Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to get an instant reply to your queries related to your project. 

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    Sarbjit Grewalhttps://www.tekkiwebsolutions.com/
    Mr. Sarbjit Singh Grewal is the Founder & CEO of Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. an IT company delivering integrated business intelligence software solutions for the past decade. In 2006, he capitalized on his 13 years of experience in the global trade flow and software industry by leading Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and since then has been serving as the CEO
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