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    Engineering Advice Top 10 Most Popular React Native Apps

    Top 10 Most Popular React Native Apps

    There is no doubt that the JavaScript family is getting popular with the time. We all aware of the fact that JavaScript is rapidly changing the pattern of designing websites and mobile apps. Out of all JS frameworks, React Native is widely used by the developers. Today, we will spotlight on the reasons why developers are inclining towards the React Native and about the most popular react native apps.

    But, before going further, let’s first know about the React Native,

    “React Native is developed by the company, Facebook. Inc and it is an open-source mobile application framework that is used to develop Android, iOS, Web, and UWP’s applications.”

    React Native has become the latest buzzword in this cross-platform development era. The most exciting part of React Native is that it combines the positive features of native and hybrid apps. 

    Before the arrival of the React Native in the market, the mobile applications were developed using the native and cross-platform solutions like Ionic, Apache Cordova.

    Let’s begin with our focus topic – Which mobile apps are developed using React Native? 

    Here are some of the topmost and most popular mobile apps built with React Native are Facebook, Facebook Ads, Walmart, Bloomberg, Instagram, Soundcloud Pulse, Gyroscope, etc.

    Most Popular React Native Apps


    react native

    As we all know, React Native is developed by the Facebook team. So, it is obvious; they develop Facebook App using the React Native. Facebook is a social sharing app that helps us to connect with our friends, family, and other social personalities on a single platform. 

    The main idea behind using the React Native by Facebook is that they wanted to bring all the benefits of web development in a mobile application. Facebook App support to both the iOS and Android platforms.

    Result of using the React Native in Facebook App

    The development of the Facebook App using the React Native results in an increase in performance. Now, Facebook’s feed loads faster as compared the past times. Both the iOS and Android Facebook Apps built with react native.

    react native


    react native

    I think Walmart doesn’t need any introduction; it is one of the US’s giant stores. Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation. Walmart has the largest chain of grocery stores, supermarkets, and departmental stores in the different parts of the world. 

    Walmart company diverted towards the React Native development as it wanted to expand its business across the globe by providing fantastic customer services.

    Result of using the React Native in Walmart App

    React Walmart App results in high performance since both the Android and iOS mobile applications are using fewer resources. In addition to this, Walmart App manages to provide smooth animations in mobile applications.


    react native

    Everyone is aware of the fact that Facebook owns Instagram. Instagram is a social media platform used for sharing images, videos, and stories with the integration of instant messaging features.

    Similar to Facebook, Instagram is entirely developed in React Native. Initially, it was generated using the Native platform, which was implemented as a WebView. After a while, the developers started facing a few problems in the Native platform. So, they begin to transfer their application from a native platform to a react-native.

    Result of using the React Native in the Instagram App

    After the implementation of the React Native, now the Instagram UI has become more user-friendly and simple. What’s more, it also benefits the developers by providing the feature of easy maintenance in both the Android and iOS platforms.

    Facebook Ads Manager

    react native

    Facebook Ads Manager is the first React Native android app and React Native based cross-platform app in the company. Facebook Ads Manager is the mobile application that allows us to sort out the data according to the ad formats, date formats, currencies, time zones, etc. 

    Facebook Ads Manager app started to experience problems in the animation and transitions, so they decided to implement the React Native.

    Result of using the React Native in the Facebook Ads Manager App

    The same team of Facebook developed Facebook Ads Manager. The primary benefit of Facebook Ads Manager is that it makes the application wholly light and fast.


    react native

    Townske is the most widely used by travelers. It allows travelers to access the list of the places and places to explore and experience as local people do. A traveler can access the Townske without any the signups or logins. 

    Initially, the Townske app experience problem in loading pages and content, but this problem was eradicated after integration with the React Native platform.

    Result of using the React Native in the Townske App

    Townske works even in the low Wi-fi connectivity. Don’t worry if you are traveling in any part of the world and have low battery and low wi-fi connectivity, Townske is the right mobile application for you.


    react native

    Delivery.com enables customers and users to order food and hire other services from local grocery stores, restaurants, wine shops, laundry, and dry-cleaners, etc. According to the delivery.com, over one million customers use the delivery.com to hire the services at any place and at any time.

    Delivery.com is a US-based company that offers customers and clients to expand their business throughout the local area.

    Result of using the React Native in the Delivery.com

    With the implementation of the React Native in Delivery.com, as it links the plugin with a native module, thus, developers can connect the maps with the device functions like rotate, scale, zoom, etc. Delivery.com provides the faster loading speed.


    react native

    Wix is one of the popular online companies that provide web hosting and design services. With the Wix platform, users can design and build both websites and mobile apps.  

    Unlike the native platform, the React Native provides the features of handling navigation. In the Wix app, React Native is using the react-native-navigation as it offers extremely configurable navigation.

    Result of using the React Native in the Wix app

    Using the React Native in the Wix app results in the delivery of speed and agility of web app development with both the native and hybrid spaces.


    react native

    If you are from the commerce-related field, then you are aware of the Bloomberg app. Bloomberg is a business and news aggregation mobile application.

    Initially, the problem with the Bloomberg application is that the developers spend a huge amount of time in developing and updating the versions of the native Android and iOS apps.

    Result of using the React Native in the Bloomberg app

    React Native has made the Bloomberg app fast and smooth since it automates the code refreshes, instant release of new product features. Due to such features, now, Bloomberg app reloads much faster than ever before.

    Sound Cloud Pulse

    react native

    Sound Cloud Pulse is a worldwide famous mobile application that allows the creators to make music, audio, podcasts, and share it with the community.  

    After the initial release of the sound cloud pulse with the native platform, there was a huge difference in Android and iOS versions.

    So, to solve the problem of release difference in these two platforms, the sound cloud pulse team decided to shift to React Native development.

    Result of using the React Native in the Sound Cloud Pulse app

    React Native is quite easy to use and build mobile applications as per the developer’s point of view. So, Sound Cloud Team got a stable release for both the platform with the implementation of the React Native. 

    In Few Words

    I think these react native examples are enough to prove the React Native as a revolutionary technology in cross-platform/ hybrid app development’s world. React Native is the right technology for businesses to reach new customers using mobile platforms. React Native is agile, practical, and easy to learn techniques for mobile app developers.

    If you are looking for the react native development services, then you can contact the company, Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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    Sarbjit Grewalhttps://www.tekkiwebsolutions.com/
    Mr. Sarbjit Singh Grewal is the Founder & CEO of Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. an IT company delivering integrated business intelligence software solutions for the past decade. In 2006, he capitalized on his 13 years of experience in the global trade flow and software industry by leading Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and since then has been serving as the CEO
    react native


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