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    Engineering Advice All you need to know about the On-Demand LMS Solutions

    All you need to know about the On-Demand LMS Solutions

    Inefficient to train your employees during the COVID-19? if so, then don’t worry. Today, we have the most reliable solution for you. You can handle your problem with LMS Solutions. Even, you can go for customized solutions as per your requirements. What is more, the education system is also improving with the arrival of technology. Learning Management System or learning management solutions is also known with the name of e-learning solutions or e-academy solutions gives an amazing platform for the enterprises to teach and train their employees as well as for the learners, students, and teachers. 

    “LMS solutions refers to one-stop-shop to monitor, analyze, assess, and delivery a list of educational training courses, material, and programs”

    According to the survey conducted by the trainingmag in 2016 in the United States revealed that the training expenditure made on employees of US industries is increasing gradually from 59.7 Billion dollars in 2011 to 70.6 Billion dollars in 2016.

    lms solutions

    Need for the LMS Solutions

    Scenario 1

    It is very rare for the fresher candidates who have complete knowledge about their domain. or any school or institution that provides education via online learning. That’s why every company needs to invest some time in employee’s training and personality development. Training is necessary for the employees to ensure to boost up the speed, enhance skills, and identify the needs to improve work productivity. So, to manage all the activities related to the administration of the employee’s records, a learning management solution is beneficial.

    Scenario 2

    If we talk about the current situation like Covid-19, during which every business is coming to an end. No schools and colleges are still open to provide necessary education as a result most of the students are inefficient to complete their studies. So, to avoid the loss of the student’s study most of the educational academies are choosing the e-learning solutions to provide education to the learners. 

    Impressive features of LMS Solutions

    • Course Management
    • Enrollment
    • Integration
    • Automation
    • Learner Experience
    • Forums
    • Reporting
    • Branding

    Advantages of LMS software

    • Reduction in time and costs
    • Improve user learning
    • Tracking of Achievements 
    • Assessment
    • Flexible
    lms solutions

    Who can go for Learning Management Solutions?

    Learning Management System Solutions are beneficial for every user from students to employees. But, primarily, it is used by the three types of buyers:- Large and enterprise-level companies, small and medium level companies, and educational organizations.

    Enterprise-level companies

    Despite the large companies afford to provide the physical classes to their employees for the training, but still, they choose the learning management system to provide the flexible timing to their employees for the learning and up gradation of their knowledge.

    Small and medium-level companies

    Small and medium-level companies don’t have enough budget to organize the physical classes for their employees, so they usually prefer to provide education through learning management system solutions.

    Educational organizations

    Learning Management System solutions are the best approach for educational institutes like schools, colleges, etc to support the students in education through distance learning. As per the survey conducted by the MarketsandMarkets in 5 major geographical areas, in which they found that North America is the largest contributor in LMS solutions’market where both the corporate sector as well as academic institutes use the LMS solutions.

    lms solutions

    On-demand Learning Management System Solutions

    Generally, the on-demand LMS solutions based on two approaches – cloud-based LMS app and open-source LMS app. 

    Cloud-Based LMS

    Cloud-based solutions are shaping the e-learning industry. Currently, most of the users are using the cloud-based LMS solutions for the administration of employee’s learning activities. If you are one of the companies that need faster deployment but having fewer budgets then cloud-based LMS solutions are perfect for you. It offers more security and maintenance features. Additionally, You needn’t go for the installation process in cloud-based LMS.

    Example of Cloud-based LMS solutions for the schools

    Google Classroom

    lms solutions

    Google Classroom is a free learning management system developed by Google for educational institutes for the creation, sharing, and evaluation of the assignments and grades of a student. Google Classroom is integrated with numerous features that provide ease for both the teachers and students.

    Features of Google Classroom

    • Post Questions
    • Reuse Assignments
    • Reminders on Calender
    • Post Creation
    • Google Forums Attachments
    • Youtube Access

    Open-Source LMS

    In the case of the open-source LMS, it requires the full-fledge operations for the installation and setup of the system. One of the alluring benefits of the open-source custom LMS solutions, it is budget-friendly as well as it provides the list of some free solutions for better results. Open-source LMS solutions are an appropriate solution for small and medium-sized businesses and institutions that requires the solutions at a very low cost.

    Example of open-source LMS Solutions for Enterprises


    lms solutions

    Docebo based on Software as a Service(SaaS) learning management system solution designed for the enterprise so that they can train their employees. With this solution, the enterprise trainer can organize courses, distribute, and manage the performance of the workers. 

    Features of Docebo

    • Audit Trail
    • Automation
    • Certifications and Re-Training
    • Coaching
    • Courses Catalog
    • Enrollment Rules
    • External Training
    • Labels
    • Notifications
    • White-Labelling
    In a Nutshell

    At last, if you want to upgrade the skills of your employees as well as want to provide the training of a particular field through distance learning, then you can go for the on-demand learning management solutions. It’s all depends on your necessities since everything is possible with the technology in this modern era.
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    Karan Bhardwaj
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