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    On-Demand Solutions B2B Commerce Portals Why should you choose the travel and hospitality solutions?

    Why should you choose the travel and hospitality solutions?

    Want to give your guests an unforgettable experience? If so, then it can be possible with on-demand travel and hospitality solutions. As we all know, the industry of tourism & hospitality is evolving very rapidly with time. You cannot provide your customers with satisfactory services with the traditional approach. What’s more, the review sites and social media have made it easier for the customers to voice their opinions. So, to build a long-term relationship with your guests, you need to serve them with the appropriate services.

    And this can be achieved with the help of the technology by having the custom-made or on-demand travel and hospitality solutions. Before getting deeper into the travel & hospitality industry solutions, let’s first start with the on-demand travel and hospitality solutions.

    “A custom solution that includes features like Resorts and Vacations, Hotels & lodging, Car & Rental, Recreation & Leisure, and Travel Management Services to the clients around the world.”

    Global Market Research on Travel and Hospitality Industry

    A research conducted by the Statista in 2019, in which they found that the number of users(in millions) in China would be 160.99, followed by the number of users in the United States(103.97) and Germany(27.84).

    travel and hospitality

    Need for Online Travel and Hospitality Solutions:

    The primary purpose of deploying the online travel & hospitality solutions in the market is providing the services to the guests to achieve 4S – Safety, Service, Sustainability, and Security.


    Security and Traveling are interconnected. So, traveler’s safety is the priority for any hospitality business. The problems like insecure customer details and improper management can result in the brand or any business’s insult. So, online travel & hospitality solutions are needed.


    Extraordinary service attracts customers to use the same service again and again. But it cannot be possible with the traditional approaches. You need to understand the guests’ behavior, which can happen with an analysis of the customer’s reviews on travel & hospitality software.


    Sustainability has become the most significant factor for travelers to choose the right services at the right time. The hospitality business can display the features of their business on online travel & hospitality IT solutions.


    Any business can face the loss if they don’t consider the security factors. Online travel & hospitality solutions ensure the security of the customer’s assets by providing security features in web and mobile apps.

    Features of Online Travel and Hospitality Solutions:

    • Social media integration
    • Push notifications
    • Geofencing
    • Communication platforms
    • Digital companion during emergency cases
    • Interactive scheduling
    • API integration
    • Hot deals
    • Travel guides
    • Reviews and recommendations

    Percentage of users who uses mobile during traveling phases

    travel and hospitality

    Trending Online Travel and Hospitality Solutions

    -Hotel Booking Apps

    The use of hotel booking apps by customers is increasing with time. According to market research, 

    “In the USA alone, almost 88% of the residents habitually use digital channels for hotel bookings.”

    Features of Hotel Booking Apps

    • Search
    • Book & Cancellation
    • View Accommodation
    • User Account
    • Hotel Account
    • Payment Gateways
    • Hotel Information
    • Messenger
    • Push Notifications
    • Marketing Tools
    • CRM Integration

    -Car Rental Apps

    Car rental apps have become an essential part of the travel and hospitality industry. For every traveler, they need a car to travel from the airports to the destinations, etc. According to the sources, 

    “The global car rental market size was about USD 88.2 billion in 2018 and predicted to increase by 5.1%.”

    Features of Car Rental Apps:

    • Routing, GPS tracking, and Maps
    • Registration
    • Payment Gateway integration
    • Ratings
    • Sign up options
    • API integration

    -Holiday Package Apps

    Tour & travel industry is booming day by day. People use mobile devices or mobile apps to book holiday packages, hotels, cabs, etc. According to market research, 

    “About 28% of the people around the world use mobile apps for holiday booking.”

    Features of Holiday Package Apps

    • Geo-tracking services
    • Weather or climate forecast
    • In-built language translators
    • Currency converters
    • World clock converter
    • Location-based emergency services
    • Washroom-finder
    • Trip Reviews from travelers

    -Travel Agents Portal

    Travel agents portal is an ideal option for the customers as well as for the travel agents. As per the market research,

    “About 50% of the guest use the travel agents portals during their traveling or holidays.”

    Features of Travel Agents Portal

    • Admin control
    • Payment gateway
    • Online booking facility
    • Cancellation history
    • Booking history
    • Theme color choice

    All in all

    In this competitive era of online travel & hospitality solutions, you can’t beat the competitors by using the traditional approaches to attract your guest or customers. You should digitalize your business with the custom travel mobile app development.

    Karan Bhardwaj
    Karan Bhardwajhttps://tekkiwebsolutions.com/
    My name is Karan Bhardwaj working as a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. An experienced chief marketing officer with an 8+ years background in marketing. Executed comprehensive marketing plans from start to finish. My Responsibilities: - - Responsible for business strategy, marketing operations, identifying new market opportunities, market research, branding, and business development. - Manage social media, promotions, print, radio, out of home, mobile media, web, SEO, and Google analytics. - Develop strategies to incorporate PR and media to further enhance brand and build market share. - Re-branded and repackaged A & D services to effectively thwart threats from key competitors.
    travel and hospitality


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