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    Web Development Application Development Why does the trucking and logistics industry need on-demand solutions?

    Why does the trucking and logistics industry need on-demand solutions?

    A few years back, the trucking and logistics industry was quite different from now. The customer had to wait for several hours under the extreme weather conditions, and they had nothing to do just staring at their watch, it becomes more frustrating when called the driver, and he says only about to the reach them in the past 15 minutes. Those days were gone, and the trucking & logistics industry changed a lot due to the advancements in technology. Thanks to the on-demand trucking & logistic apps, with which you can hire a truck driver just with a click on your mobile. Let’s first put a spotlight on what is truck dispatch software?-

    “Online Trucking dispatch software allows the shippers to request service to the listed drivers, and then nearby drivers would accept the request and deliver the product.”

    So, the truck dispatch app is beneficial for both the shippers as well as for the drivers.

    Major Problems of the Trucking and Logistics Market

    The problem of “Empty Miles.”

    One of the challenging situations for the trucking & dispatching industry is the “empty miles problems.” The truck drivers had to return with the empty truck after dispatching, which poses a loss to the freight companies. For instance, in the USA, it is recorded that a truck’s empty mileage, on average, could go up to 28% of its total distance. 

    Solution: This problem has been solved using the online truck booking app, as the truck driver would get the booking request anywhere. So, it eliminated the empty miles problem.

    The problem of middlemen’s commissions

    Trucking & dispatching industry is also affected by the middlemen. Since the shippers need to take the help of the middlemen for the booking of their freights. As a result, these freight brokers charge hefty amounts from the shippers.

    Solution: Truck Booking app is a platform that permits the direct communication of the shippers and carriers. So, it eradicates the need for the middlemen and enhances transparency through logistical works and networks.

    Global Market Research on Trucking and Logistics Industry

    trucking and logistics

    The trucking & Logistics industry is the primary contributor to the worldwide economy, as per the research by the MarketWatch, in which they found that the global logistics market is expected to grow by $28.71 million between the year 2020 and 2024.Benefits of On-demand trucking app development: for drivers, for shippers, and for business

    – Benefits to Drivers:

    • Ease in billing
    • Performance tracking
    • Around the clock requests for the services
    • Access to comprehensive information

    Benefits to Shippers: 

    • Shipment tracking
    • Ease in bookings
    • Book drivers and give reviews
    • Secure payment gateways
    trucking and logistics

    Benefits to Businesses:

    • Online business
    • More productivity
    • Real-time tracking
    • Quick business expansion

    Hot Trends of On-demand Trucking and Logistics Solutions

    On-Demand Trucking Solutions

    On-demand trucking app solutions are specially designed for the shippers and truckers that would be beneficial for both of them. As the shippers can directly put a request on this solution and drivers would receive offers and reply accordingly. 

    Features of On-Demand Trucking Solutions

    • GPS & asset tracking
    • Geo-fencing
    • Traffic updates
    • M2M communication
    • Finding trucks
    • Make bookings
    • Schedule bookings
    • Shipment tracking
    • Payment gateway

    On-Demand Freight Bidding Marketplace Solutions

    A one-stop platform for the shippers, carriers/transporters, and drivers to connect, communicate and manage the business activities smoothly

    Features of On-Demand Freight Bidding Marketplace Solutions

    • Registration/Login
    • Real-time requests
    • Offline mode
    • Route navigation
    • Booking history
    • Truck Earning and many more

    Business through the On-demand trucking and logistics solutions

    By having your customized trucking & logistics solutions, you can gain profits from it. Know it: how?

    • By taking commissions from the shippers and truckers
    • By charging the subscription fees from the users on each registration
    • By charging the subscription fees from the users on each registration
    • By keeping a separate section for the premium drivers
    • By fixing the cancellation fees 

    On the Whole:

    With the innovations in technology, the trucking and logistics industry is also rising with time. With the implementation of the on-demand solutions in this industry, it will run more smoothly and speedily. If you want the on-demand trucking app development solutions for your business, then contact the expert developers of company Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    Karan Bhardwaj
    Karan Bhardwajhttps://tekkiwebsolutions.com/
    Karan Bhardwaj is a Marketing Expert with 8+ years of experience and working as a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He is Responsible for business strategy, marketing operations, identifying new market opportunities, market research, branding, and business development.
    trucking and logistics


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    Why does the trucking and logistics industry need on-demand solutions?

    A few years back, the trucking and logistics industry was quite different from now. The customer had to wait for several hours...

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