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Most Popular Companies that use Node.js in App Development

node.js development

Although Node.js development is the newest technology in the market, it is still competing with the market’s already trending technologies. The popularity of Node.js development is booming with time. In fact, Node.js has become a go-to technology for several reputed companies around the world. Node.js is an open-source JavaScript-based technology that runs on JavaScript code on the server-side. Node.js is an ideal technology for fast, lightweight, and real-time web applications, such as audio/video streaming applications, gaming, chatting, etc.

Is Node.js really that great?

Node.js is written in JavaScript, one of the most reliable and popular programming languages for developing fast and scalable applications. Why is Node.js getting popular among the developers for application development? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Node.js provides a comfortable environment for developers.
  • Highly scalable and reliable technology for application development.
  • Node.js allows the server-side code execution.
  • Node.js follows quicker development cycles.
  • Noe.js has a large open-source community.
  • Node.js is the second most popular technology on GitHub with over 70,000 stars.

Thus, most reputed and top brand companies adopt Node.js development services for web app development due to all of the above reasons. So, to understand the reason for the rising popularity of Node.js, here we discuss the top brand companies who faced the challenges before the use of Node.js and how they solved their problem with Node.js?

Most Popular Companies that use Node.js for Application Development

Generally, Node.js development is used extensively used for web application development, but thanks to the Node.js ecosystem, it can also be used for mobile app development. Let’s begin with the list of the top and most popular brands apps that are built using Node.js technology:

Netflix, Linkedin, Walmart, Trello, Uber, Paypal, eBay, NASA, Groupon, Yahoo.


node.js development services

No doubt, Netflix doesn’t need any introduction. Netflix is the world’s biggest video streaming website which is popular worldwide. Netflix has around 130 million subscribers from all around the world. In actual, they wanted to have a scalable and reliable application that can tackle the screaming hours as well as the user requests. That’s why they had decided to switch from Java to Node.js as a backend. Initially, Netflix had JavaScript on the front end and Java on the back end, which needed the developer’s language efficiency. So, having both these languages doubled the burden of error handling and experienced it as difficult to debug the application.

Why Netflix chooses Node.js?

Now, Netflix has come under the list of companies that Node.js for application development for:

  • Using common languages for both the server and browser side.
  • To enhance the performance-now, pages load within seconds.
  • To have a large number of modules with open-source nature.
  • To have ease in debugging, writing code, and API integration.
  • To make the backend to frontend transition easier, as now, both are javascript.


Linkedin is the world’s biggest website or platform for professionals and business-oriented people. Linkedin uses the Node.js development on the backend to improve the overall app performance and decrease app resource usage. Earlier, Linkedin’s backend was working on Ruby on Rails. By switching to Node.js as a backend, it helps Linkedin improve the page speed. Before Node.js, the Linkedin server took too many loads during the heavy traffic on the application, and it was unable to process the concurrent requests with Ruby on Rails implementation.

Why Linkedin chooses Node.js?

Here are the reasons why Linkedin moved to Node.js from Ruby on Rails:

  • Both the frontend and backend now have JavaScript, which makes client-server interaction easier on the Linkedin application.
  • With Node.js implementation, its team can reduce the number of hosting machines with a ratio of 10:1.
  • With Node.js, the traffic on LinkedIn is doubled as compared to the last time.
  • On the client-side, the Linkedin application runs ten times faster.


node.js development company

Walmart is the world’s largest supermarket chain worldwide, and it’s mobile/web application attracts around 80 million users every month. Walmart wanted to provide advanced features to its customers; that’s why they switched to Node.js app development. Due to the asynchronous I/O feature of Node.js, it brings excellent UI and security changes to the Walmart application. Walmart uses Node.js at the architecture layer, so they can create the new APIs and deploy the applications within a few hours.

Why Walmart chooses Node.js?

Here are the reasons why Walmart adopted node.js technology as a server-side programming language:

  • Walmart uses the combination of the ReactJs and Node.js development on the frontend and backend, respectively.
  • Node.js improved the performance and decreased customer response time with enhanced customer engagements.
  • With Node.js implementation, Walmart got the results as increased conversions in the checkout cart.
  • By having the node.js in the backend, Walmart’s development teams push the updates more quickly than ever before.
  • Node.js are facilitating a range of plugins and NPM packages.


project management software

As we know, many companies use agile methodology for project management. Thus, they use project management tools to manage the project better, and interestingly, Trello is one of the best and most popular projects management tools. During the interview of the owner of Trello, Joel Spolsky revealed that they are moving to Node.js due to the event-driven, non-blocking I/O nature. They have used Node.js to develop the single page application and help the Trello application to process the concurrent request at once. Trello improved its prototyping features by implementing Node.js.

Why Trello chooses Node.js?

Here are the reasons why Trello adopted node.js technology as a server-side programming language:

  • Node.js helps Trello to make continuous and updates.
  • With Node.js, Trello engineers were able to maintain Single Page Applications(SPAs) extremely lightweight.
  • Node.js shorten the development and prototyping time in Trello.
  • Node.js makes the code maintainable and faster to develop.
  • Node.js speeds up the delivery of updates.


node.js development services

Uber also comes under the list of top and popular giant companies who are examples of Node.js applications. Before implementing Node.js in Uber applications, the developer team wanted to have extremely fast and scalable cross-platform applications that can handle huge notifications and requests at once. So, they concluded Node.js as the best technology for them to handle the concurrent driver requests at a time. Node.js helped the Uber development team to meet their requirements.

Why Uber chooses Node.js?

Here is the reason why the Uber team adopted Node.js technology as a server-side programming language:

  • With Node.js implementation, Uber applications manage to process the data quickly.
  • It allows the developers to have convenient error analysis and faster code deployment.
  • As Node.js is an open-source community, it allows the Uber team to make continuous updates.
  • Now, Uber can process millions of connections at a time.
  • Node.js makes Uber a reliable application.


PayPal is the most renowned online payment platform, decreased its loading time by implementing the Node.js development as a backend. Paypal is one of the most trusted applications used to pay, send, and accept payments. Now, PayPal has over 200 million active accounts. PayPal has switched its backend platform from Java to JavaScript and Node.js. This technology solved the PayPal developers’ problems by writing the browser and the server applications in the same programming language. After implementing Node.js in PayPal, the company reviewed that their application was reported two times quicker than usual.

Why PayPal chooses Node.js?

There are several reasons why PayPal adopted the Node.js development as a backend programming language:

  • Node.js implementation in PayPal reduced the average time by 35%.
  • PayPal’s page serving is increased by 200ms.
  • With Node.js, PayPal’s development team experienced 30% less code and a 40% reduction in code lines.
  • PayPal doubled its requests per second.
  • PayPal pages begin to load 35% faster, with a decrease in response time.


node.js development

eBay is an eCommerce giant company used for the largest marketplace that offers business-to-business and business-to-consumer internet sale services. eBay has 183 million users and is used by people from approximately 37 countries. eBay also switched to Node.js as a backend technology since eBay’s major problem is scalability and huge traffic. Similar to Netflix and PayPal applications, the eBay application also faced problems with Java as a backend programming language, so they decided to switch their backend to Node.js.

Why eBay chooses Node.js?

Here are the major reasons why eBay has chosen Node.js as a backend programming language:

  • With Node.js, the eBay application able to provide the microservices without any brokerage in the infrastructure.
  • To make the application faster, they also shifted the frontend to Node.js for better client-server interaction.
  • eBay applications now serve the data on various platforms.
  • With Node.js, eBay able to provide faster services and high-end performance.
  • Node.js made the eBay application faster and more reliable.
In Final Words

Going through all the Node.js application examples, you have observed that all the giant companies moved to Node.js just because it is a reliable, fast, and high-performance technology. What’s more, it is an ideal technology for applications that need to handle multiple requests at a time. I hope you will like this article and implement the Node.js development services as per the demand of your application and business. If you want to hire node.js developer from a node.js development company, then contact the expert team of node.js developer, Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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