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    Engineering Advice Most Popular Python Frameworks for Web Development in 2020

    Most Popular Python Frameworks for Web Development in 2020

    With the inventions in the technological world, many programming languages are getting fire and one of those programming languages is Python. It is expected the popularity of Python for web development will overtake Java and C# in the coming two-three years. Due to Python’s efficiency in web development, it is used by Giant companies like Google, Netflix, Instagram, etc. Developing a website with Python can be a daunting task, but you can automate the implementation of the common solutions, reduce the development time, with the help of the Python frameworks. Python frameworks are boon for web developers. 

    Why Python Frameworks for Web Development over Other Frameworks?

    With the rising popularity of the Python programming languages, the Python frameworks are considered as one of the prominent frameworks for web development for its adaptivity and diversity. Here are some of the benefits of Python frameworks for web development:

    • Open-source 
    • Scalable and integrated
    • Object-oriented programming language
    • Wide range of libraries
    • Easy and simple syntax
    • Automated development and testing
    • No compilation phase accelerates the edit-test-debug process.

    The demand for the python frameworks for web development is growing rapidly since these are being used in the machine intelligence and data science sector. Before going deeper into the world of Python frameworks, let’s first learn about the types of Python frameworks for web development. 

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    Types of Python Frameworks

    In General, Python frameworks are of three types:

    • Full-Stack Frameworks
    • Micro Frameworks
    • Asynchronous Frameworks

    Full-Stack Frameworks

    Full-Stack Python frameworks for web development are considered a one-stop solution for python developers. These frameworks are pre-packaged and embedded with everything you need during web development including, ORM (Object-relational mapping) technology, MVC architecture, routers, template engines, etc. Full-stack frameworks are capable of handling any level of complexity, especially used for large projects. Some of the full-stack python frameworks for web development are Django, Pyramid, TurboGears.

    Micro Frameworks

    Micro Frameworks as the name suggests used for small-scale Python projects. These python frameworks are considered lightweight and don’t offer additional functionalities and features. Thus, in Microframeworks, the developers need to add a lot of code and functionalities. These frameworks help the developers to add the functionalities and features of their own choice. Micro frameworks are the right choice for smaller applications, API development, or applications with high performance. Micro Frameworks are CherryPy, Bottle, Falcon.

    Asynchronous Frameworks

    Asynchronous frameworks allow concurrent connections to deliver high levels of performance. Due to the presence of the asyncio library, the asynchronous frameworks can handle a huge set of simultaneous connections. These frameworks allow performing several tasks simultaneously without a specific sequence. Some of the Asynchronous Frameworks are AioHTTP, Sanic, Tornado.

    Python Frameworks for Web Development

    Best Python Frameworks for Web Development in 2020


    Python Frameworks for Web Development

    Django is a free, open-source, and full-stack Python framework, allows the developers to code and develop applications quickly. Django is one of the beloved and best Python framework used for the rapid development of APIs and web applications. Django provides all the essential features like authentication, URL routing, template engine, object-relational mapping, database schema migrations, etc. Django has comprehensive and detailed documentation and has large community support.

    Features of Django Framework

    • Django framework has a built-in authentication system and provides support database schema migration and ORM mapping.
    • Django framework provides a simple yet powerful URL system.
    • A feature of the automatic admin interface allows the developers to edit, add, and delete things with customizations.
    • Django framework provides an extensive range of ready-to-use libraries.

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    Python Frameworks for Web Development

    CherryPy is one of the powerful and oldest micro-framework used for web development. CherryPy is an open-source and object-oriented Python frameworks for Web Development. CherryPy can easily work with Windows, Unix, Linux, and macOS. This python framework allows the simultaneous operations of many HTTP servers which makes it the best framework among all other microframeworks. It allows Python developers to develop web applications rapidly. Moreover, CherryPy owns a multi-thread server, which allows operating multiple servers at a time.

    Features of CherryPy Framework

    • CherryPy provides many out-of-the-box tools of authentication, caching, encoding, sessions, etc.
    • CherryPy facilities the developers with a flexible built-in plugin system.
    • CherryPy gives a consistent, HTTP/1.1-compliant, WSGI thread-pooled webserver.
    • CherryPy offers a powerful configuration system.


    python frameworks for web development

    The pyramid is a full-stack Python framework that can be used for the development of simple as well as complex applications. The pyramid framework has become the number one choice of experienced developers, and the popularity is growing with time. Pyramid framework is highly recommended for the developers for the process of mapping the coded URLs which helps the developers to build RESTful APIs without any efforts. The pyramid framework is used by tech giants like Mozilla, Yelp, Dropbox, and many more.

    Features of Pyramid Framework

    • The pyramid is an ideal framework for both small and complex projects.
    • The pyramid framework offers flexible authentication and authorization.
    • The pyramid framework provides URL mapping based on Route configuration through URL dispatch and web helpers.
    • The pyramid framework supports testing and data documentation.


    python frameworks for web development

    Grok is an open-source and web framework based on Zope toolkit technology. Grok’s user interface is quite similar to a full-stack Python framework like Pylons and TurboGears. Grok framework provides an agile development experience to the developers with the help of two general principles – convention over configuration and DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself). Grok framework provides out-of-the-box features for the development of powerful and extensible web applications.

    Features of Grok Framework

    • Grok framework offers a powerful object database for storage.
    • The component architecture in the Grok framework assists the developers to lessen the unpredictability of development.
    • Grok Framework provides integrated security.
    • Grok Framework offers all the essential features for custom web application development.


    python frameworks for web development

    TurboGears is an open-source, data-driven full-stack Python framework used to overcome the common problems of extensively used web application development frameworks. TurboGears Framework provides the intelligible templates and support to flexible and powerful ORM. TurboGears framework allows the use of the JavaScript development tools to streamline the web application development process.

    Features of TurboGears Framework

    • TurboGears framework is executed as a function decorator.
    • TurboGears framework supports multi-database and accessible command-line tools.
    • TurboGears allows the Mochikit JavaScript library integration.
    • TurboGears framework supports the MVC architecture and PasteScript templates.


    python frameworks for web development

    Web2Py is a free, open-source, scalable, and full-stack Python framework. Web2Py has its own web-based IDE, that involves a code editor, debugger, and one-click deployment. Web2Py is a cross-platform framework that works on Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac, and other platforms. Web2Py framework allows the developers to build, revise, deploy, and manage web applications via web browsers.

    The most alluring feature of the Web2Py framework is the ticketing framework which issues a ticket whenever a mistake occurs. This feature allows the developers to track their mistakes and their status.

    Features of Web2Py Framework

    • Web2Py frameworks support the MVC based architecture that simplifies web development.
    • Web2Py framework allows the developers to work with the relational and NoSQL databases.
    • Web2Py framework helps to keep the web apps secure by addressing top risks and security issues.
    • Web2Py is a flexible, powerful, and extensible Python framework for Web Development.


    python frameworks for web development

    Flask framework is a microframework that is accessible under the BSD(Berkeley Software Distribution) license. Flask Python Framework is inspired by the Sinatra Ruby framework. It requires the Jinja2 template and the Werkzeug WSGI toolkit. Flask is a adaptable framework due to its lightweight and modular design. This microframework has been used by the several tech giants like Linkedin and Pinterest. Flask framework is an ideal framework for the web server development that support for Google App Engine as well as in-built unit testing.

    Features of Flask Framework

    • Flask framework provides the features like built-in development server and debugger with RESTful request dispatching.
    • Flask framework offers support for secure cookies and modular testing.
    • Flask framework known for its WSGI 1.0 compliance and Jinja2 templating.
    • Flask framework facilitates with multiple extensions provided by the community to simplify the integration of new functionalities.


    python frameworks for web development

    Bottle framework is one of the extensively used Python frameworks used to develop the small-scale applications in Python. Bottle frameworks executes everything in a single document. The use of the Bottle frameworks allow the developers to work closely with the hardware. This python framework is a viable framework for developing and building the simple personal use applications. Initally, bottle framework is used for the develop simple APIs, gradually it is used for the micro applications development. Bottle framework embedded with the functionalities like templating, directing, utilities, and fewer abstractions over WSGI standard.

    Features of Bottle Framework

    • Bottle Framework provides the dynamic URL-routes for mapping with the use of simplier syntax.
    • Rapid and easy built-in template engine and backing.
    • Bottle framework allows the speed optimizations for testing and high performance.
    • Bottle framework provides the simple access from cookies, data, file uploads, and other HTTP-relational metadata.
    Wrapping it Up

    No doubt, there are several python frameworks for web development that are going to gain the popularity in the coming years. But every framework have its own pros and cons. By reading this article, you are now have complete knowledge about the pros and cons of the popular Python frameworks for web development. Rest the selection of the Python frameworks for web development relies on the coding styles, preferences and project requirements.

    If you still have doubts related to the Python Frameworks for Web Development and wants to get the web development services, then hire dedicated web developer of reputed company in USA, Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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    Sarbjit Grewalhttps://www.tekkiwebsolutions.com/
    Mr. Sarbjit Singh Grewal is the Founder & CEO of Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. an IT company delivering integrated business intelligence software solutions for the past decade. In 2006, he capitalized on his 13 years of experience in the global trade flow and software industry by leading Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and since then has been serving as the CEO
    Python Frameworks for Web Development


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