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    On-Demand Solutions Smart Logistics Solutions for the smooth working of the Logistics Industry

    Smart Logistics Solutions for the smooth working of the Logistics Industry

    A hot trend of on-demand solutions among various industries has also influenced the growth of the logistics industry. The tremendous boom in the on-demand transportation sector has inspired the entrepreneurs to enter the business with the help of the latest technologies such as on-demand logistics solutions, transport on-demand, etc.

    “United States, currently, estimated for over 42% of the transportation services sector”

    Stages of Logistics Flow:

    • Procurement Logistics – Flow of raw materials from suppliers to industries
    • Production Logistics – product management, packaging, shipping to warehouses
    • Sales Logistics – delivery from warehouses to the wholesalers, retailers, and consumers
    • Recovery Logistics – the flow of the goods that would be recovered after their full utilization 
    • Recycling Logistics – delivery of goods that can be recycled.

    Hurdles in the logistics companies

    Management of inventory:

    Inventory management is one of the major issues faced by the logistics industry. For instance, tracking of product, space utilization, time, and cost consumption in order management.

    Visibility issues:

    The logistics industry lacks in performance, no interaction with the partner’s activity(suppliers, drivers, clients), etc.

    Problem of speed and inefficiencies:

    The logistics industry lacks in the speed and efficiency due to which they are not able to provide the customers with a satisfactory supply chain within the time.

    Problem of swindling:

    The logistics and shipping industry primarily relies on paperwork which includes the sales, contracts, billing, etc. Due to the massive amount of paperwork, it creates the space for the deceptiveness. 

    How on-demand logistics solutions help in solving such problems?

    With the advancement in technology, transportation industries are shifting their focus to digitization and what is more, they are getting benefits from it. Let’s spot some light on the features of the on-demand transportation solutions:

    Effective inventory management:

    The powerful features of the on-demand logistics solutions help to track the ordering and dispatching of the orders, proper space utilization, etc.


    On-demand transportation solutions provide complete transparency at the level of customers, drivers, and suppliers due to the proper interaction. 

    Fast and easy to use:

    On-demand solutions provide the fast and easy to use platform for the users and customers which helps to deliver the products on time.


    On-demand solutions provide high-end security as it provides the facilities of online transactions, digital payments, etc. 

    Logistics Solutions
    Global On-demand Logistics Market

    The on-demand logistics market is expanding with time. According to the global on-demand logistics market report, the market revenue is expected to increase massively from $9.1 billion in 2019 to $75.0 billion by 2030. It is estimated to grow by 21.1% CAGR between 2020 and 2030.

    Trending On-demand Logistics Solutions

    On-Demand Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions

    Supply chains are responsible for the delivery of the products from the point of origin to the point of distribution. On-demand supply chain and logistics would help the managers to monitor all the activities related to the supply chains of the goods.


    ✔ Order Processing and Inventory Management

    ✔ Warehouse Management

    ✔ Transportation Management

    ✔ Sourcing and Supply Management

    ✔ Supply Chain Analytics

    On-demand Transportation Management System 

    Transportation Management System includes tasks like management of the orders, routes, tracking and tracing of the transports, staff, etc. On-demand transportation system management solutions aids in all types of logistical management.


    ✔ Order Management

    ✔ Route Management

    ✔ Scheduling

    ✔ Tracing and Tracking of goods

    ✔ Invoice Management

    ✔ Staff Management

    ✔ Live Reporting

    logistics solutions

    On-demand Trucking and Dispatching Solution

    On-demand trucking and dispatching solutions are beneficial for the logistics companies who deal with the services of on-demand trucking and dispatching, courier services, taxi services, etc.


    ✔ Fleet Management

    ✔ Order Management

    ✔ Driver Management

    ✔ Tariff Management

    ✔ Automated Dispatching

    ✔ Live Reports

    ✔ Customer Relationship Management

    ✔ Dispute Management

    On-demand Freight Management Solution

    Freights are commonly used to transport products, raw materials, and goods from the suppliers to the customers, distributors, and wholesalers, etc. Freight solution is perfect for business managers to handle all the activities related to freight management.


    ✔ Partner Integration

    ✔ Ocean/Air/Ground Shipment Management

    ✔ Warehouse Management

    ✔ Pickup & Delivery Management

    ✔ Real-time Reporting

    ✔ Freight Management

    Fleet Management and Asset Tracking Solutions

    Fleet is generally used for the transportation of the raw materials from the suppliers to the industry and further to the warehouses and distributors. This solution is viable for companies who want to monitor real-time asset location tracking, asset utilization, etc.


    ✔ Real-time Fleet Reporting/Tracking

    ✔ Information Management

    ✔ Accounting Reports

    ✔ Fleet Management

    ✔ Order Management

    Custom Logistics Solutions

    Custom Logistics Solutions are specially designed for the logistics firms who want to have applications/solutions as per the need of their business. 


    ✔ Bookings

    ✔ Security Features

    ✔ Tracking and Real-time Reporting

    ✔ Financial Management and Reporting

    ✔ Shipment Routes and Management

    Wrapping it up

    The competition in the logistics industry is increasing day by day. This industry is growing fast enough that it is beyond the thinking of the people. So, to stay for longer in the market you need to upgrade your business with the help of the on-demand logistics solutions. It will not only help to run your business smoothly but also helps to compete with your competitors in the market.

    Karan Bhardwaj
    Karan Bhardwajhttps://tekkiwebsolutions.com/
    My name is Karan Bhardwaj working as a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. An experienced chief marketing officer with an 8+ years background in marketing. Executed comprehensive marketing plans from start to finish. My Responsibilities: - - Responsible for business strategy, marketing operations, identifying new market opportunities, market research, branding, and business development. - Manage social media, promotions, print, radio, out of home, mobile media, web, SEO, and Google analytics. - Develop strategies to incorporate PR and media to further enhance brand and build market share. - Re-branded and repackaged A & D services to effectively thwart threats from key competitors.
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