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Best 3 Graphic Design Tools for Marketers

Design Tools

Do you know? Marketers tend to be artistic by nature, but not every time they are successful in creating innovative and eye-catching graphic designs, UX/UI designs, or banners for their content. If you are also a marketer and want to design creative banners, this is the right place for you. Here, we are going to discuss the best graphic design tools for marketers and UI/UX designers so that they can design the images on their own. By the end of the topic, you will have enough knowledge that you will needn’t hire a graphic designer or UI/UX designer.
Let’s first know about the common problems faced by marketers during graphic designing:

  • Lack of consistency
  • Use of raster images
  • Inappropriate font combinations
  • Readability problem
  • Improper scaling
  • Bad choice of colors
  • More words than visuals

Now, such mistakes done by the marketers can be avoided by knowing the right graphic designing hacks and solutions.

What are the tools used in graphic design?

Here are some of the best and trending tools that are used for the graphic designing are: Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe Indesign,

Graphic Designing Hacks for Marketers:

– Select the appropriate tools and resources

To improve the graphic designing skills, the marketers need to use the right tools and resources for it. Since the inadequate resources can guide you in the wrong way, it might demolish your skills. So, using high-quality resources leads to more productivity.
Here are some of the best graphic designing tools for the marketers

– Maintain color theory

Do you know? Graphic designers have a different theory for color combinations. They differentiate every color according to the emotions—for instance, red for aggression, yellow for happiness, etc. Therefore, marketers need to understand the exact color theory in graphic design.

– Don’t make a mess

As most of the marketers are habitual of displaying the content means delivering the information is their priority. So they prefer less visual as compared to the graphic designer. Hence, here the marketers need to adopt the approach of “less is more.”

– Tips to make the graphics user-friendly:

  • Don’t overcrowd your design
  • Use simple background
  • Create it in symmetry

– Use online platforms

Using photo-editing software is not easy for marketers, as it can be very time consuming for them. So, in such situations, the marketers can go for the online platforms for a graphic designer that are very easy to use and fast. A few of such online platforms are:

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Graphic Design Tools for Marketers:

– Crello

design tools

Crello comes on the top of the graphic designers as well as marketers’ favorite list due to the archive of 65million files, 12,000 templates, and hundreds of fonts. Crello makes the designing enjoyable for the marketers as it provides thousands of custom made templates, which makes it simple as well.

Benefits of using Crello:

  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Extensive library of free fonts, images, and templates
  • Bundle of help resources and tutorials
  • Affordable price

– Magisto

Design tool

The best video editing and graphic design tool for marketers are that it makes editing much more manageable and easy to use without great effort. Magisto comes as a web application, as well as a mobile app. You can make your UI/UX design better by using this graphic designing tool.

Benefits of using Magisto:

  • Easy to use and reliable tool
  • Extensive library of themes and features
  • Reasonable Cost

– Powtoon

graphic design tools

If you need animated videos, then Powtoon is the best graphic design and UI/UX design tool for you. It a cloud-based animation software for creating presentations and animated videos. With the use of the Powtoon tool, you can make your work much easier than anything else.

Benefits of using Powtoon:

  • Cloud-based graphic design tools
  • Ease in making videos
  • Smooth transitions
  • Online access
  • Inexpensive

On the Whole

In the Marketing domain, marketers have a lot of research to do. If they consume time in making the graphics, then it would give them drastic results. So, to avoid such problems, the use of these graphic design tools is recommended since it would help boost business growth and enhance productivity.
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