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    Top 13 Signs You Should Invest in Web Design

    The topography of web design is consistently evolving. Every year, the web design industry passing through some sort of evolving cycle to stay inspired and relevant in that particular field.
    Trends are the well-known changes that happen in all creative fields and website design is no different. So, experiments and innovation are the only key factors that push an agency forward for better. Many of the designers are not following trends and unable to compete with the evolving trend in web design. Being consistently updated in that creative field or any field is mandatory.
    That is the reason, there are many designers always making the showcase of their work and comparing it with others through a prism of trends.

    You can follow a web design trend that comes from the most reputable designer’s platform that is Awwwards, CSS design awards may inspire you and as a result, help you to migrate outside of your design habits. To help you prepared for the web design tide that takes us to 2019, we have put together the list of trends to keep an eye on. Check out the list below, and get inspired to handle your web design projects this year with style.

    1. Layouts that let Content Organized for Better Web Design

    The arrangement of design elements within the structure well organized that inspires the readers to easily focus on the message. For a couple of years, there are lots of changes seen in the layout style of the website. The design has shifted from a late in the process of “optimization” stage where designers dive into the dust on some “pretty” mystical fairy dust for a real competitive advantage. It’s been an amazing evolution to watch in web design trends.
    And an enchanting element of that evolution has been shifted back towards to focus on content. Web designers across the globe have realized that people visit websites for content- whether it’s enraged thoughtful long-read, flat icons, or the latest “user-generated” meme and that design’s play an ultimate role is to present content in an intuitive, efficient, and “delightful” way.
    That is the reason for the shift away from skeuomorphic design toward “flatter,” for more minimalist design approaches, as seen in Google’s material aesthetics and really across the web and various devices.

    web design

    2. Mobile-first Approach

    The mobile-first approach isn’t new to 2019 it has been running from a few years back. But companies are more focused on delivering content effectively on a smaller screen and are rushing to get on board. Google has officially launched AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) open-source initiative aiming to make the web better for all devices.

    “Content is designed to fit on the small screen first then you can work towards the larger screen devices.”

    AMP is built on focusing deliver content on small devices efficiently and load faster on mobile phones. Because responsive websites are mobile-ready but they are not faster as AMP built websites. AMP is built thanks to the deep collaboration with thousands of developers, publishers, and website distribution platforms and tech companies. It is supported by more than 100+ leading analytics, ad tech, and CSM providers.

    web design

    3. Utilization of Rapid Prototype Tools

    web design

    Nowadays the use of rapid prototyping tools is definitely one of the most useful breakthroughs to hit the web-design worldwide. Rapid prototyping tools from UXPin, Invision, and Marvel amongst many others allow designers to quickly create a workflow and high fidelity prototypes for website and service to employ their usability and aesthetics, all without writing a single code line.
    The ease of use and functionality of tools gives an instant experience of how the finished product would look and work in the browser.
    One more benefit of using prototyping tools you can show your clients directly how their finished website design looks like. You don’t have to make static frameworks, mockups, and explaining in detail every animation and transition to the client as you do before.

    4.UI Patterns and Design Framework

    UI and UX patterns emerge across the web where all of the sites look and function similarly as they have taken elements from one to another. The noticeable thing in these designs and UI patterns is leading the web to become more consistently the user-friendly place to be.
    Competition is increasing day by day across all the brands and organizations, they can’t afford to take major risks in their user’s journey, if all those tested patterns and principal work, then it makes sense to use them to enhance their site.
    There are lots of UI kits available that are tested by expert designers. These kits can be easily manipulated according to the requirement of businesses.

    web design

    5.Big, Bold & Beautiful Typography

    Big brand websites turning to big, bold typography to anchor their homepage. This style works best when other internal pages have a minimal and clean design. Bold typography is used by millions of web designers and web design companies to engage with visitors.

    web design

    6.  Cinemagraphs

    Cinemagraphs – High-quality videos and Gifs that run smooth, continuous loops are becoming a popular way to add movement and create visual interest in static and dynamic sites. Full-screen loops are very effective to hold user’s attention for longer than the quick glance.

    web design

    7.    Decorated Navigation Style

    web design

    Decorated navigation style as it is used to identify the services and products using icons. It is a type of hidden navigation that is the more sophisticated way of presenting the menu style. Most of the fashion brands are using this style to hold their visitor’s attention.

    8.    Tiny Design Details

    Focus on details is really important for any business. But the way of representation has been changed. Tiny design details are like show crispy headlines and then corners dots for more reading.

    web design

    9.    Duotone

    A Duotone color scheme is also a growing trend that looks cool and contemporary. Lots of photography websites have turned their portfolio with this style to hold the visitor’s attention. Nowadays peoples are more focused on animation and visual appearances rather than just content.

    web design

    10.    Text Orientation

    Mixing text into horizontal and vertical alignment on a page adds some refreshing dimensions. Placing text in the website oppose to the alignment giving a unique appearance to the page.

    11.    Geometric Shapes

    web design

    Geometric shapes and patterns are popping more frequently on websites, adding some flair to a landscape otherwise ruled by flat and material design. This trend is certainly old school, but it is just one of those styles that will never die for years to come.

    12.    Color Transitions

    web design

    The color transition has been seen everywhere this year. It is one of the biggest trends right now. Instagram has adopted this style and change the color scheme from flat icon to multicolored transitions.

    13. Overlapping Text and Images

    web design

    Text that slightly overlaps accompanying images has become popular in blogs and portfolio sites.


    Thank you for showing interest in our web design tips. Hopefully, this has introduced you to something unique about web design and technologies that you weren’t aware of that were becoming popular. Make sure those tips will be helpful to improve the experience of your visitors. Don’t forget to share and recommend it.
    If you are looking for web design services, then hire the expert web designers of a reputed web design company, Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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    Sarbjit Grewalhttps://www.tekkiwebsolutions.com/
    Mr. Sarbjit Singh Grewal is the Founder & CEO of Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. an IT company delivering integrated business intelligence software solutions for the past decade. In 2006, he capitalized on his 13 years of experience in the global trade flow and software industry by leading Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and since then has been serving as the CEO
    web design


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