Car Rental App Development For All Types Of Needs

Corporate Car Rentals

Make Car Rentals Convenient For Your Corporate Customers

Construct a rental business by serving business clients who are some of the regular users of car rental services.

Self Drive Car Rentals

Serve Customers Who Prefer Driving Themselves

Register your presence in the rapidly growing self drive rental market, offer multiple car types, transparent pricing, easy renting, and more.

Outstation Car Rentals

Offer Convenient Car Reservation Options For Travelers

Commercialize and enhance your car rental business with a branded Uber for moving app for your customers.

Local Car Rentals

Offer An Online System To Meet On-Demand Car Rental Needs

Construct a strong local car hire business with hourly, half-day, full-day options, and airport pick & drop car rental options.

P2P Car Rentals

Launch A Peer-To-Peer Car Rental App Platform

Seamless mobile app Connectivity between car renters and car-owners with our white label car rental app development solution.

Long Term Car Rentals

Provide Monthly To Yearly Car Rental Services

Be an active participant in the growing trend of renting everything over buying with your own vehicle rental business software.

Solution Overview

A complete Whitelabel on-demand car rental apps and software solution to manage car
rental business efficiently with the technological advancements.


Renting A Car Made Convenient

Native iOS & Android apps for your clients and customers, designed with a simplistic UI to keep the entire on-demand car rental experience memorable with a number of key features.

Car Choices- Multiple options available for Customers, choose from a range of cars, view availability for nearby cars, and more to choose the perfect car according to travel requirements.

Transparent Pricing-Customers can know upfront about available packages, distance, and waiting rates and use built-in fare calculator to make an informed choice.

Advance Booking- Reserve in advance facility available for customer, Enter pickup location and receive regular updates about their booking status, car and driver details, and more.

Security & Tracking- Safe car rental app experience for customers with real-time vehicle tracking, freedom to track their booked car themselves, or share their trip with their loved ones.

Deals & Offers-Rewards for regular customers with targeted deals, discounts, and offers via push notifications, SMS, and email.


Easily Manage Your Drivers & Vehicles

Native apps availability for drivers to assign them new trip requests either manually or automatically, tracking vehicles on the map, allowing drivers to monitor their performance, payments, request help, and much more.

Manage Requests-Your drivers will be alerted for new rental requests, prompted to accept/reject and can view upcoming trip requests assigned to them by the admin.

Built-in Navigation-Drivers can use the built-in Google Maps navigation feature to reach the customer’s location, drop a car for a self drive and more.

Track Earnings-Drivers can get full details about how much they are making, upcoming and due payments from the owner, view customer ratings, feedback and more.


Management Hub For Your Car Rental Operations

We provide custom car rental app and software solutions for car rental businesses, operators,  or travel agencies for managing drivers, vehicles, bookings, payments, tracking, and reporting from an easily operatable admin console.

Dashboard- complete overview available for car rental business from a glanceable screen with visualizations, key metrics, and real-time updates.

Driver Management- Easy Management of drivers, their information, new registration and approval requests, view feedback, handle payments, and more.

Customer Management- Easy management for customer details, add new customer details, manage their bookings, raise invoices, and more.

Payments Management-Know about your business earnings, view trip payment history, manage tariff settings, set driver commission rates, and settle their payments.

Reporting & Analytics-Get useful insights and stats on earnings, number of trips, valuable customers, popular categories, routes, and much more.

Build Your On-Demand Car Rental
Business With Us

We are committed to transform existing car rental businesses and help create new
car rental services with a white label car rental app and software solution and always welcome the addition
of new features and integrations as per individual business requirements.

Powering Car Rental Services For The Rental Economy

Our Top Rated On-Demand Car Rental App Development Solution is
Ideal For Startups and Rental Agencies.

White Label & Customizable

Your business will have a top-rated app for the customers and are easily customizable with enhancements.

Turnkey Solutions

Businesses can take advantage of your solution to transform their rental operations.

On-Premise Configuration

Rental software installation on dedicated in-house servers to provide full ownership for business data.

Global Solution

Operate and grow your business in multiple geographies with built-in support for multiple languages

Local Payments Support

Accept payments anywhere seamlessly with integration support for payment gateways of your choice.

Simplistic UI

Simple and easy to use design for customers ranging from driver apps to the admin panel.

Robust and Scalable

The systematic development and rigorous testing for high reliability and scalability for smooth services.

Reporting & Analytics

We totally ensure that our solution for your business is able to leverage data insights for faster growth.

Help & Support

Get quickly on board with our dedicated sales and support team.

Full Feature List

Our car rental apps and software solution has many features for both basic and advanced users and can be fully customized with more features, enhancements, and integrations as per business requirements.

Simple Login

Phone or email or use social login options available for registration.

Multiple Car Types

Multiple cars and package types are available to choose.

Advance Booking

Advance Booking and regular updates available to customers.

Book Now

Immediate car hiring is available to customers.

Manage Bookings

Dedicated option to manage all the upcoming bookings under one section.

Fare Calculator

The built-in fare estimator provides transparent pricing to the Customers.

Payments & Receipts

Proper ride receipts and Fare payments with multiple options

Notifications & Alerts

Alerts via notifications, SMS, and email for different booking milestones.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Track and share locations with others for security

Car Pickup Points

Navigation to fixed pickup points to collect a self-drive car.

Doorstep Delivery

Delivery of a  self-drive car at the desired location for the convenience of Customers.

Secure Login

Secure login option with credentials provided by the admin

Receive Requests

Drivers can new ride requests on their app and either accept or reject.

Trip Information

Necessary information for drivers to make pickup and drops easier.

Accept Payments

Collect cash payments when required and make the trip as paid.

Driver Dashboard

Details on earnings, upcoming trips, feedback and more for drivers.

Rate Customer

Loop drivers can also rate their rides,to maintain two-way feedback.

Log Expenses

Drivers have the option to add on-duty expenses, toll, and more to get reimbursement.

Driver Support

Specialized In-app section for driver related FAQs, Contact Support Option.


Provides high-level knowledge about your car rental business operations.

Manage Vehicles

Organize your entire fleet by adding and updating vehicle information.

Manage Drivers

Add drivers, settle payments, approve registration requests, and more.

Manage Customers

Options to add new customers, manage bookings, invoices, queries, and more.

Manage Categories

Update and Create vehicle categories available for rental bookings.

Manage Fares

Customers can Create fixed packages, set distance, time rates, base fare, and other settings.

Manage Payments

Add your payment details, set commission rates, track payments and more.

Driver Support

Built In-app section for driver related FAQs and contact support option.

CRM Integration

Integrate your customer data collection with a CRM system for an organized database.

Corporate Billing

Dedicated panel for corporate clients to manage their rental bills.

Customer Support Integration

Integrate with a strong custom service application to handle customer issues and queries.

Number Masking

Hide customer and driver contact numbers from each other to maintain privacy.

Surge Pricing

Dynamic fare system to manage moderate supply and demand spikes.

Invite And Earn

Customers and earn points and free rides by sharing their referral code.

Document Upload

Customers can upload the license and other documents for self-drive rentals.

Operational Zone Setup

Determine your area for rental operations and start receiving localized requests.

RTL Language Support

Option to add the Right to left languages support feature in the apps.


Technology And Solution Architecture

A robust and scalable enterprise-grade technology stack to build a car rental mobile application and software solution for your specific business needs.

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How much time will it take to build my rentals app system?

We already have a pre-built base for car rentals that includes native iOS and Android apps for customers and drivers and a web admin panel for operations management. Our base car rental app and rental solutions are available with very quick delivery. However, if you are interested in pivoting our solution to new vehicle segments, change renting logic, custom integrations, and more then it will accordingly take development and testing time.

Kindly contact our dedicated sales team for our car rentals app development solution to let us know about your specific needs and serve you better.

I have an idea for a car rentals app. How can you help?

We are always excited about implementing new ideas for the rental economy. Our solution will work perfectly in building a custom car rental mobile platform for your specific needs. Just Fill the below-attached contact form and our sales team will get back to you very soon.