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Flowmatiks Property

Flowmatiks Property Rental Management

Flowmatiks Property Rental Management Solution for the property owners, managers, and tenants enable them to track their expenses, leases. Flowmatiks property rental management solution is development in order to meet the basic needs of the real estate owners, tenants, and customers. This is designed in this way to track the analytical reports, payment reports, property owners and property lease information, new registration data, etc.

This project contains different panels for the real estate owners, managers, tenants, and customers to categorize them according to their roles and responsibilities. It involves the several dashboard panels as super admin panel, admin panel, tenant panel, vendor panel, owner panel, and staff panel.

Flowmatiks Property Rental project ensures to provide a solution to the basic problems of the real estate admins by automating their entire process of collecting payments and allotting the right property to the right customers. As the client demands, different dashboards for the property managers, owners, and tenants that are embedded with the required functionalities.

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    Project Overview

    Flowmatiks Property Rental Management Project is developed to accomplish the basic activities of the property managers, property owners, tenants, etc. This project is based on multiple user’s activities ranging from the property owner to tenants.


    Project Duration

    3 Months


    Date of Delivery

    Jan 2020


    Our Project Role

    UI/UX Designer


    Project Industry

    Real Estate

    Our Technology Stack for Flowmatiks Property Rental

    Flowmatiks Property Rental Automation project is developed using the trending frontend and backend technologies.

    Client Requirements

    The client is seeking to build a website for property owners, property managers, tenants, and vendors to be able to manage or track their expenses, leases varying from lease dates, payments, maintenance, etc.

    • Super admin dashboard for all activities management.
    • Admin panel to manage the property rents, add new properties, etc.
    • Tenant panel to add property maintenance requests, extend leasing time, etc.
    • Vendor panel to fulfill the property maintenance requests.
    • Owner panel to allow the property owners to manage property requests or commissions.
    • Staff panel to fulfill the requests and roles assigned by super admins.

    Project Problem

    Real estate is an ever-growing industry. This industry has different essential roles that have several activities to perform. It is quite difficult to manage the lease properties and payment information using the traditional pen-papers. Thus, a client needs a custom software solution to manage all the activities by categorizing the responsibilities as per their industry roles.

    • Communication Gap
    • Inappropriate data management
    • Inefficient to track the payment and lease details.
    • Incapable of assigning the particular role to the property managers, and tenants.
    • A problem in managing the companies information.

    How We Solve?

    Our domain expertise enables us to develop a reliable and custom software solution for our clients. In the Flowmatiks Property Rental Automation project, in the very beginning, our developers have analyzed the real estate industry needs. Our team developed a real estate solution to automate the entire process of the real estate industry owners.

    • Super admin dashboard to check the sales report, net profits, real-time registration, manage customers and staff, etc.
    • Add pages and blog posts.
    • To run email campaigns and send emails to multiple users.
    • Manage real estate and vendor companies’ information.
    • Add and manage department information.
    • Rent roll page to check the due from all the tenants.
    • Add and manage properties information.
    • Live chat feature for free customer service.
    • Confirm payment options with custom notifications.

    Design Process

    In order to ensure the reliability of the client’s projects, our team develops the project in 5 stages. To offers a fantastic user experience to the end-users, we analyze each stage from an end-user point of view.













    User Persona

    We have collected the user persona of the users who have experience of working with the real estate industry.


    Sam Kwak

    Male, property Investor, USA

    What is Flowmatiks for:

    Real Estates Investors looking to create passive income & freedom. Property managers who want to get more done, make more money and do less.

    Vendors & Contractors:

    Create, Submit and Track your invoices through P.U.M.A. The software will remind your client about your unpaid invoice automatically.

    The Vision of Flowmatiks

    It’s ALL about freeing up your time, decreasing stress, getting more things done and staying organized through automation




    Landlord, Owner, Tenant, Admin, Vendor



    Visual Identity

    To Make the visual of the app more attentive I have blue color with some atracttive brights colors to get the users attention, also I have tried to keep the design as mininal as possible.




    Color Palette

    Dodger Blue

    HEX 1189fa

    Fruit Salad

    HEX 49C851

    Torch Red

    HEX F00F40

    Neon Blue

    HEX 603CEE

    Prototype Design

    Finally, we added the colors, icons and micro interactions to the wireframes, so the final product would reflect the look of the core app.

    Our Testimonials

    Let’s have a look what clients speak out about our works – These success stories from across the world makes us feel highly proud, happy and encouraged when our clients appreciate our work.


    Sarbjit and his TWS team are excellent to work with as always. They would go a step further on suggestions and recommendations that best fit your needs. Amazing communication, quality work, and exceeding expectations!

    Michael Schwengel
    Actor, Voice Actor, Designer, Web Technology Consultant

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    Let’s have a look what clients speak out about our works – These success stories from across the world makes us feel highly proud, happy and encouraged when our clients appreciate our work.

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