On-Demand Food Delivery App For All

We Make It Happen For Anyone Around The World To Start Their Own Online Food Delivery Business.

Food Delivery Startups

Build A Grubhub Like App For Your Region

Custom on-demand food delivery app development solutions for delivery startups.

Restaurant Chains

Supercharge Your Food Delivery Business

Increased ROI and Seamless food ordering app experience for your Customers.

Single Restaurants

Launch A Branded Mobile App For Your Restaurant

A commercialized restaurant mobile app creates direct communication between you and customers.

On-Demand Food Delivery App Development
Solution Overview

Fully Customizable On-demand food delivery app development solution is packed with rich features.

Easy Onboarding

E-mail and social login options for a quick start.

Intuitive UI

An enhanced browsing experience with planned out restaurant listings and more.

Smart Search

Smart Search with intelligent filters and sorting options to find the right dish, cuisine, or restaurant.

Order Tracking

Order Status tracking with real-time notifications for customers.

Multiple Payment Options

Seamless and secure payments with multiple choices to choose from.


Automatically stored order history helps for quicker re-ordering.

Schedule Order

Place an order according to your time availability and get it delivered to the doorstep at the right time.

Takeaway Option

Convenient pick up of a food order from a nearby restaurant.

Ratings & Reviews

Feedback  Submission for on-demand food ordering and delivery experience.

Help & Support

24×7  Customer support for calls or FAQ section for help for customers

Promos & Offers

New deals and Promo codes available for discounts at checkout.

Manage Profile

Easy profile management with regular updation of info, payment details, etc.

Order Dashboard

Central control to keep a record of all incoming and outgoing orders.

Manage Business Info

Easy management/Updation of business name, contact details, working business hours, etc. with the app.

Manage Menu & Pricing

Multiple Users can add/update prices, items, menu listings, minimum order amount, etc.

Track Payments

One place stops to view successful and pending payment settlements, add account details.

Manage Feedback

Direct communication with customers for better understanding and trust-building.

Manage Promos

Continuous addition of new deals and offers to reward customers and gain new ones.

Actionable Insights

Useful insights addition to business performance for faster growth.

Customer Details

Useful information collection of the online customer base for client building purposes.

Help & Support

To keep things running smoothly report and type the issue option available.

Real-time Requests

Dedicated mobile app Provided to delivery agents for easier assigning of orders.

Delivery Information

Successful order fulfillment information is made available in one place.

Availability Settings

A simple online/offline toggle option to register availability for delivery agents

Payments & Performance

Total track of payments, job history and key metrics for delivery agents

Manage Profile

Easier profile management with settings related to profile.

Control Center

A powerful browser-based panel for the platform owner to manage everything.

Restaurant Management

One platform to add and manage all restaurants and maintaining the robust supply side.

Menu Management

Easier Menu management including regular menu listings and availability for ordering.

Customer Management

Access to all app user’s views, their order details for admin.

Order Management

key metrics helps to maintain a record of all orders being processed through the platform.

Payments & Commissions

Built-in functions to set restaurant commission rates, global options, and make payments.

Feedback Management

Customer feedback, flag poor performers, and maintain standards for restaurants.

Offers Management

Multiple offers, deals, and discounts and approve deals from restaurant partners.

Notifications Management

Notification Management Settings for email, SMS, and application updates.

Reporting & Analytics

Useful addition of stats and insights to take data-driven decisions.

Website Ordering

A fully responsive web app option to provide your customers with a solid option to order online.

In-app chat

In-app messaging feature to connect with customer support

Logistics Integration

Third-party logistics partners Integration to make food delivery efficient.

Loyalty Program

A loyalty program introduction for your food ordering app users for higher revenues.

Scheduled Ordering

A convenient option to get food delivery scheduled according to requirements.

Interested In Launching Your On-Demand Food
Delivery App?

We are in the very beginning of a broad, secular shift to online/mobile food ordering. This creates
tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs and restaurant businesses to build their own online food
ordering services for new and existing markets.

Key Benefits Of Our Food Delivery App Development Solution

To provide major advantages to your business, we have created a mobile-first on-demand food ordering development platform.

White Label & Customizable

A fully branded and customizable solution with provision for new features, enhancements, and integrations.

Time & Cost Efficient

We have developed a base food ordering app solution resulting in faster marketing and lower development costs.

On-Demand Expertise

We offer robust solutions with a large database of key insights developing on-demand apps.

Built To Scale

Robust cloud infrastructure and rigorously tested solutions to handle high volume food orders.

Global Solution

Launch your Grubhub like app in multiple regions with multi-currency and language support

Accept Payments Anywhere

We add the payment gateways of our choice with built-in support for the most popular ones.

Third Party Integrations

Integrate with a popular logistics service provider in your area with your own on-demand food delivery network.

User Friendly

An intuitive design for the whole structure like on-demand food ordering app, admin panel, etc.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated support and maintenance to get the maximum ROI from the launch to completion of the project.

Technology And Solution Architecture

An advanced technology stack to enhance your on-demand food delivery solution.


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How much time will take to build my on-demand food ordering app platform?

We already have a pre-built solution that includes native iOS & Android apps for both customers and restaurant owners and a web-based admin panel for the platform owner to control or implement changes.
Project time varies according to branding requirements, feature requests, custom integrations, and add-ons.
Kindly do not hassle to contact our dedicated sales team to know more.

How can on-demand food delivery companies benefit from a food delivery app?

Commission charges per order basis are the primary source of income for On-demand Food ordering apps.
Another alternate is to charge associated partners for sponsored ads and paid listings which offer to provide greater visibility in search results and on app screens.
As your app becomes popular, running ads from trusted ad networks like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads can also bring in additional revenue.

I need a mobile app for my restaurant chain. How can you help?

We can develop a custom-branded mobile app for your restaurant chain with powerful features for your customers and a web panel to manage your restaurant business operations.
A restaurant app is essential for brand building, taking online orders directly, accepting table reservations, and many other benefits.