Advantages of Fuel Delivery App Development

Our on-demand fuel delivery service is tailored to all the key players in the industry who can deliver fuel right at their customers’ doorsteps.

Fuel Delivery Startups

Build A Fuel Aggregator Network

Launch an “Uber for Gas” mobile platform to seamlessly connect fuel/gas retailers and pumps with consumers.

mobile gas stations

Gas/Petrol Station Owners

Mobile Gas Stations

Fulfill demand for consumers with fuel delivery app development, who have either ran out of fuel or don’t want to waste time in long queues.

Oil & Gas Companies

Amplify Your Fuel Retail Network

Build your own on-demand fuel retail network that can supply to the gas stations or the consumers directly.

Fuel Delivery App Development Overview

A feature-packed fuel delivery app that offers
the best user experience for each stakeholder.

Easy Onboarding

Customers can easily get started with the app with email and phone login options.

Quick Ordering

Customers can set their vehicle location, select the fuel type and quantity to request a delivery.

Scheduled Delivery

Option to schedule a doorstep fuel delivery for a later date and time for convenience.

Upfront Pricing

Customers will get an approximate cost before confirming a delivery order.

Real-Time Tracking

Keep your customers updated on the exact location of the fuel delivery truck.

Seamless Payments

Option to pay from a number of methods like prepaid wallet, cards or in cash.

Order History

Customers can view and manage all their fuel refill requests from a dedicated section.

Ratings & Reviews

Customers can easily rate for their fuel ordering and delivery experience from the app.

Digital Receipts

Customers get detailed delivery invoices for fuel cost, delivery charges, taxes, etc.

Help & Support

Easy access to the customer support details and FAQs to resolve customer queries.


Each app user gets a unique referral code to share with others and earn rewards.

Manage Profile

Dedicated section for each user to manage his/her profile details easily.

Easy Onboarding

Drivers get their own version of the app with native UI and easy onboarding process.

Mobile Login

Fuel truck driver partners have an easy option to log in with their mobile number.

Availability Toggle

Drivers can switch between online/offline modes according to their convenience.

Real-Time Requests

Drivers receive fuel refill requests in real-time from customers or manual dispatchers.

Manage Requests

Drivers can view all their bookings on a single screen – scheduled and current.

Request Details

Drivers get all the relevant details to complete a successful refill request.

Built-in Navigation

The app’s integration with Google Maps provides a useful navigation feature.

Accept Signatures

Drivers can accept digital signatures from the customers to authenticate a refill/delivery.

Accept Payments

On successful job completion, drivers can generate an invoice and accept the payment.

Rate Customer

Drivers also get the option to rate the customers they have served within the app.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers can view their completed jobs and associated earnings from a dedicated screen.

Manage Profile

Option to view and manage profile, bank account, and other document details.

Secure Login

Admin and sub-users of the panel can securely log in to the web-based panel.

Admin Dashboard

Get a top-level view of the most important data in an easy to understand manner.

Manage Bookings

The bookings tab gives a detailed list of the current and upcoming delivery requests.

Manage Drivers

You can add and manage all your drivers from the driver management tab.

Manage Fuel Trucks

A robust fleet management system to add and track all the fuel delivery vehicles.

Manage Customers

You can view and manage all the registered customers on your fuel delivery platform.

Manage Dispatchers

You can add sub-users to your admin panel to easily manage manual requests.

Manage Categories

Offer on-demand delivery service for multiple fuel types or grades.

Manage Pricing

Add and update the prices of all the offered fuel types from the manage pricing section.

Track Deliveries

Keep an eye on where your delivery trucks are on a real-time area map.

Manage Notifications

Configure notification settings for different channels – SMS, email and push alerts.

Manage Payments

Add and manage your payment account details and payments to your drivers.

Web Bookings

Offer a mobile web booking channel as an alternative to native app bookings.

Manual Dispatch

Manually dispatch new fuel delivery requests to nearby drivers if needed.

Walkthrough Screens

Get useful onboarding screens added to the customer and driver apps.

On-demand Fuel Delivery Services for Customers’ at their

On-demand fuel/gas delivery apps can be a boon for customers just like so many other on-demand
services. Fuel delivery startups like Filld, Fuelster, Purple, and MyPetrolPump have already gained huge
popularity. Your’s can be the next one.

Key Benefits Of Our Fuel Delivery App Development

A comprehensive and fully customizable approach to build a robust

on-demand gas/fuel delivery platform.

White Label & Customizable

We offer a tailored solution to build fuel delivery apps with your own branding, features, and integrations.

Time & Cost Efficient

We already have a ready to use base solution that will save valuable development time and money for you.

On-Demand Expertise

We have gained key insights developing on-demand apps which enable us to offer robust solutions.

Global Solution

We offer out of the box support for multiple languages and currencies to have a global reach.


You can accept payments in the currency of your choice by integrating with the most suitable payment gateway.

Robust & Scalable

All the stakeholders from the customers to the platform admin get intuitive interfaces for easy and efficient use.

Go Global

The gas on-demand app development solution can easily scale with the increasing app usage over time.

Third Party Integrations

Expand the functionality of an already robust solution with full support for additional APIs and software.

Dedicated Support

Our on-demand app development team will offer an end-to-end solution with a dedicated engagement model.

Technology And Solution Architecture

A robust enterprise grade technology stack to power your truck dispatch software solution.


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I own multiple petrol pumps in a city and am planning to launch a fuel delivery app as an additional booking channel. How can your solution help?

We are happy to know that you are exploring on-demand apps to extend your reach and grow your business. Our solution will have three main components – app for your customers, an app for your delivery fleet and a powerful admin panel for you to manage the delivery operations seamlessly.

Feel free to contact our experts for more details.

How much does your solution cost?

We can share a cost estimate with you after knowing your solution use case and specific requirements. Kindly drop us an inquiry to get a free cost estimate.

How long does it take to go live with the solution?

We already have a base solution ready that we can deploy in a few weeks time. Depending on the customization requirements and new feature additions, the time to market will be more.

Contact our experts to share your specific requirements and get a more accurate timeline.