White Label Transportation Bid Management Solution For Logistics Providers

Logistics Startups

Build Your Own Freight Bidding Marketplace Platform

The solution helps build a carrier-load marketplace similar to Truckstop, Haulhound, Truck It Smart, and Comfreight.

Fleet Owners

Seamlessly Connect Shippers
and Drivers

Build your own digital freight matching platform to maximize the efficiency of your fleet operations.

Freight Booking Businesses

Build Your Technology-driven

A digital freight booking solution that seamlessly connects shippers with the transporters.

Want to Have Your Own Freight
Bidding Marketplace Software?

Get started with freight marketplace development to become an industry standard for
efficient and cost-effective load matching services.

Why Choose Our Freight Booking App?

Our solution is tailored to the unique needs of bus operators and packed with powerful
features and integrations.

Fully Customizable

Our bus ticket reservation system is flexible enough to meet the specific needs of bus operators.

Time & Cost Efficient

The time to market and cost of implementation is significantly lower compared to starting from scratch.

Robust Booking Engine

The solution offers a highly scalable and reliable bus ticketing experience for customers.

Third Party Integrations

Ticketing can be made available on aggregator apps and services, new software integrations and more.

User Friendly

Our design team has thoughtfully created intuitive touch points for all the stakeholders involved.

Dedicated Partner

We offer a dedicated team to help our clients with an end-to-end solution to deploy the bus booking software.

Global Solution

Multi-currency and language support enables bus operators across the globe to deploy our solution.

Payment Gateway Support

We support all popular payment gateways with the option to integrate new ones as per the business requirements.

Actionable Analytics

Bus businesses can leverage the analytics engine used in the system to make data-driven decisions.

Implementation & Launch

We will work closely with your business to understand what you exactly want so that we can deliver a tailored trucking dispatch software solution.

Understanding Your Needs

Comprehensive requirement gathering by our trucking solution sales team.

Notifications Integration

Push notifications, SMS, and email alerts are integrated into your solution.

Server Setup & Backup

Our truck app developers will perform the server setup for you.

App Store Submissions

We will get your apps listed on Apple and Google Play stores.

Payments Integration

Let us know your preferred gateways and we will integrate them for you.

Analytics Integration

Become data driven and take advantage of built-in analytics features.

Security Compliance Check

We will keep you onto the right side of security. No worries here.

Support & Maintenance

We will always be there for help and ensure your business runs smoothly.

Technology And Solution Architecture

A robust enterprise-grade technology stack used by our in-house taxi app development team to power your branded freight booking app.


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Is it a white label solution? What customization options will you offer me?

Yes, our Freight bid management solution, Truck Pulse, is a fully white label and branded for your business. From the shipper and driver apps to the admin dashboard, everything will have your business branding. The best thing about the solution is the level of customization we offer. Our truck app developers team can add more features, integrations, and enhancements as per your business requirements.

How can logistics and transportation companies benefit from the Digital Freight matching apps?

By adopting freight bid management/freight forwarder software solution, logistics and transportation companies can bring much higher operational efficiency by automating the existing process with the help of technology through centralized and paperless operations, real-time tracking and data-analytics. Also, businesses can save money and increase revenue by choosing an automated system to manage and dispatch shipments requests from their customers. New loads can be booked within a few minutes of posting, unlike email and phone calls, this solution allows truckers to get moving faster and backhaul more often. The instant fulfillment with quick pricing is a great benefit of the shippers, as well.

I would need some extra features and enhancements. Would you help me with it?

Every business whether it is small or big needs custom software to fulfill their specific business requirements. You need technically advanced solutions to obtain a competitive advantage. We understand that every business has its own working methodology, processes, and conditions. Hence, We are open to serve all customization and integration requirements.

What is the expected timeline and cost for my Freight booking solution?

As it is a pre-built solution, we can definitely implement and launch it in a few weeks. However, an implementation schedule may vary based on the actual customizations and integrations requirements if any. Our solution cost is really competitive, and it may vary based on the modules, customizations, support SLA etc. On detailed analysis, our experts could give you precise pricing.

How scalable is the solution?

Truck Pulse uses a highly scalable technology stack to power on-demand logistics and transportation businesses. It is a cloud-hosted solution that can autoscale vertically and horizontally to support millions of transactions.

What happens after the solution goes live?

Once the solution goes live, we will assist you with the preventive maintenance and support services such as, App and server monitoring, Upgradation, bug, fixing, tech support, etc.

How will the solution be deployed?

We offer both on-premise and cloud deployment options. Our most of the deployments are with AWS. However, we can deploy the solution in your preferred cloud instance.

Does the solution support different languages and currencies?

Yes. Truck Pulse caters to trucking businesses worldwide in their native languages including RTL, LTL and DBCS languages. The solution works globally with built-in support provision for multiple currencies and choice of payment gateways to start accepting payments anywhere seamlessly.