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Project Overview

Bitrated is the trust platform for the cryptocurrency economy. We provide fraud prevention and consumer protection mechanisms for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, based on our unique identity & reputation management system and by utilizing the Blockchain technology to allow for payment reversibility and smart arbitration contracts. Launched in 2013, Bitrated was the first multi-signature application ever released to the public. Bitrated is operated from Israel and was founded by Nadav Ivgi, a software developer and a long time Bitcoin enthusiast.



The design provided by client had to be implemented in PHP because Client was familiar to PHP.

Create a shopping cart linked in with ecommerce facilities provided

The result was that it was a perfectly working directory listing site made in PHP.



Transparent layout allows changing color of the whole website without losing user interaction.

Followed normalization of the database and used service reference concept in development to get the result faster.

Followed the best-in-class technologies for the development need.



The arbitration marketplace allows anyone to provide dispute resolution services in exchange for fees

The reputation management system allows users to build their reputation and demonstrate their trustworthiness

The payment system provides multi-signature contract allowing buyers & sellers appoint agent for e-commerce transactions

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