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Finding a doctor, a specialist or any kind of healthcare professional, a hospital or a clinic in and around the state of Indiana is really just a few clicks away. A leading network of healthcare professionals and hospitals, Encore Connect is an online portal that connects customers and employers with doctors and hospitals. Its aim is to streamline quality healthcare services across the region in a cost-effective and beneficial manner for its members. Debut Infotech created the membership based networking portal with particular emphasis on providing the best value for all concerned. The network has an extensive membership base and allows employers and providers a range of choices to fulfill all kinds of healthcare needs and services.

  • Extensive listing of healthcare facilities, doctors and providers.
  • Easy search functionality with location, specialty and other factors.
  • Facilitates ready comparison of costs and services.
  • Safe and secure log in and automated communication updates.
  • Reliable healthcare support resources and value added products.
  • User-friendly online repository with readily accessible information



What’s going on in my area? Suggest It gives those using the app the best and most up-to-date answers to this question. The app is a digital announcement board for local events: users can add events, browse by place and time and view other users’ agendas to find exciting events.

Build an app which will help discover various types of events in the local area.

Enable users to add events; browse by place, time and type; view each others’ agendas and integrate them with their own calendars.

Include a capability of adding comments, sharing and suggesting things to other users as well as inviting others to join users’ own events.



TWS proposed the most cost-effective solution in the shortest possible timeframe and came up for a minimum viable product (MVP) with fewer features than previously planned. This is why we came up with a number of UX/UI ideas and in-app solutions Specific steps taken included:

Revamp the existing app, review the front-end code and update it to accommodate the new design.

Revise the UI code and logic for all screens and adjust it to fit the new design and modify the app navigation.

Work with an 8 hour-difference between timezones but maintain transparency and constant feedback.


Key Benefits

TWS began as Android developers, but we eventually became consultants in other fields too. Our developers, project managers and quality assurance experts are open-minded people, who suggest improvements whenever they see they are necessary. This is why we came up with a number of UX/UI ideas and in-app solutions, such as button design, screen design and user flow.

Redesigned Android app and web site which reduced app size by a factor of 3

Integrated several UX/UI ideas and in-app solutions such as button design, screen designs and user flow.

Engaged the backend team in weekly standups, which enabled a constant flow of communication.

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