Powering Shuttle Services For Everyone

Bus Aggregators & Startups

Revolutionize The Way People Commute Daily

Build a shuttle bus service app for working professionals to have a convenient yet affordable commute experience.

Self Drive Car Rentals

Provide App Based Bookings For Your Shuttle Service

Cater to your shuttle bus users and acquire new ones with a branded shuttle booking app for your shuttle business.

Outstation Car Rentals

Make Daily Travel For Employees & Citizens Simpler

Improve team commute, increase their productivity or make public transportation more effective with technology.

Solution Overview

Employee and airport shuttle service app solution, packed with all the right features and open to customization


Simplifying Everyday Travel

Our shuttle service app development solution provides native iOS & Android app experiences for booking a shuttle bus from anywhere conveniently.

Routes & Stops-Passengers can enter their pickup and drop details, view all the available routes and stops and plan their journey accordingly.

Reserved Seating-Offer a guaranteed seat for your customers when they book from your app, increasing reliability, convenience and trust.

Real-Time Tracking-Once a booking is done, users will be notified about important updates and can track their bus to reach their stop in time.

Seamless Payments-Customers can pay for their ride in advance, choose to pay on boarding the shuttle or even opt-in for a subscription plan once they are comfortable with your service.

Ratings & Feedback-Customers will get an option to rate each trip, give feedback and even suggest new routes. This will help you optimize your shuttle operations.


Pickup Bookings With Ease

Shuttle bus drivers get a dedicated app to manage reservations, boarding, payments, rider details, pickup stops, navigation and more.

Pickup Details-Drivers can securely login into the app with the credentials provided by the admin, start a trip and get details of all pickup and destination points.

Route Navigation-The built-in navigation makes it very efficient for drivers to navigate to the predefined pickup stops and drop passengers at their designated drop points.

Manage Boardings-Drivers can verify passengers who have reserved a seat from booking details screen and handle boardings seamlessly without needing a conductor.

Payments & Feedback-Drivers can track their personal performance, total trips taken, customer ratings, earnings, due payments and more, all from the app.


Management Hub For Your Shuttle Bus Service

You will get a feature packed, web-based administrative panel, accessible from any browser to control all aspects of your app based shuttle bus service and grow your business.

Manage Routes-Configure routes and stops, set timings and fare, apply policies, assign buses, view route suggestions, usage and more.

Manage Drivers-Handle your fleet driving your shuttle buses, track buses in real-time, view feedback, process new signup requests, settle payments, contact when needed, etc.

Manage Passengers-Collect and keep your passenger data updated, view reservation details, engage via notifications, feedback, emergency requests, etc.

Manage Payments-Charge passengers per trip, issue discount passes, track revenue and transaction history and other important payment related settings.

Reporting & Analytics-You get to grow and make smarter decisions for your shuttle app service by leveraging useful data insights and metrics.

Bridge The Gap In Public
Transportation With Technology

Our app powered shuttle bus service solution is a smarter approach to solving the daily
commuting problems for employees, professionals, and citizens.

Tailored Shuttle Service App Development Solution

We are excited to work together with startups and shuttle operators on using mobile
technology to make daily commute convenient.

White Label & Customizable

Launch a fully branded shuttle bus booking app for your region, build your brand and grow your business.

Ready To Use

You can start your shuttle bus services instantly with our pre-built solution and save on time to market and costs.

Own The Data

We will do an on-premise deployment of the shuttle solution, providing security and control over the data.

Go Global

We strive to build global startups and businesses with features like multi-currency and language support.

Seamless Payments

Get your preferred payment gateways integrated so that you can accept payments from anywhere.

Domain Expertise

Our experience of launching 19+ taxi booking apps gives us a better understanding of on-demand transportation apps.

Awesome UX

Our dedicated UI/UX team has thoughtfully created a passenger centric shuttle service experience.

Robust and Scalable

Our shuttle app solution has been rigorously tested to provide to provide a glitch free system for your business.

Full Cycle Support

We stay with you throughout the project journey, providing your business with full tech and launch support.

Implementation & Launch

From ideation stage to launching your branded apps on the app stores, we take a comprehensive and dedicated approach for every client

Requirement Analysis

Personalized interactions for comprehensive requirement gathering.

Notifications Integration

Push notifications, email updates and SMS alerts setup

Server Setup & Backup

On-premise deployment of the taxi-hailing solutions for full data control.

App Store Submissions

Successful listing on Google Play Store and Apple Itune Store

Payments Integration

Built-in support for popular payments gateways with new integration support

Analytics Integration

Support for integration with popular analytics platforms

Security Compliance Check

Full Data secruity audit to meet HIPAA and other compliance standards

Support & Maintenance

Dedicated launch and technical support for smooth operations


Full Feature List

Our base carpooling app development solution is packed with a number of basic and advanced features for admins,
passengers and drivers with customizable support for new features and integrations as per your business requirements.

Easy Onboarding

Email, mobile and social login options for your app users.

Explore Routes

Passengers can check out available routes and pickup points to plan their journey.

Quick Bookings

Intuitive seat booking experience with an express checkout experience.

Hassle-free Boarding

Passengers get a digital boarding pass to show the driver and check-in seamlessly

Manage Bookings

Users can view all booking in one place, reschedule or cancel when required.

Browse On Map

Routes and pickup stops can be viewed on a map for better understanding.

Navigation To Stop

Users can use the built-in navigation to reach the nearest pickup point to board their.

Real-Time Tracking

The shuttle can be tracked in real-time on am map by the user.

Notifications & Alerts

Timely updates for passengers to keep the entire journey experience smooth.

Mark Favorite

Passengers can add their most used routes to favorite for quicker bookings.

Seamless Payments

Multiple payment modes for your customers to choose from when booking.

SOS Button

Provide a safe and secure journey and ensure quick action during emergencies.

Rate Service

Passengers can rate their trip experience and provide useful feedback.

Suggest A Route

Users can suggest a new route if they can unable to find service for some area.

Help & Support

In-app FAQs, about app info, contact support option and other features.

Authorised Login

Drivers use the credentials generated by the system on approval for login.

View Bookings

Every driver gets an easy to understand bookings list to conduct a trip.

Manage Boardings

Drivers can verify legitimate passengers by scanning their boarding passes.

Route Navigation

Multi-stop route navigation feature for drivers to conduct a trip.

Emergency Alertd

Raise an emergency situation using the in-app panic button.

Contact Passenger

Call a passenger when required to carry out a pickup.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers can get updates on their performance, earnings, due payments, etc.

Rate Passengers

Two-way rating system to create accountability on both sides of the service.

Driver Support

Allow your drivers to contact support, raise and issue when they need help.

Secure Login

Get fully secure access to your admin console to manage everything.

Admin Dashboard

Track your shuttle buses, view key metrics and do more at a glance.

Manage Routes

Set up your operational zone and get bookings on those routes.

Manage Drivers

Approve new signups, set commission terms, settle payments, track live and more.

Manage Passengers

Maintain an organized database of your registered customers and serve them better.

Manage Fleet

Add shuttle bus details, assign them to routes and drivers, manage maintenance, etc.

Manage Tariffs

Set rates between stops, add monthly passes option, minimum/maximum fare and more.

Trip Tracking

Track all your shuttles in real-time, know about delays, breakdowns and other issues.

Reporting & Analytics

Take your shuttle bus service to the next level with data-driven decision making.

CRM Integration

Add your passenger information to a CRM system for better management.

In-app Chat

Allow in-app conversations between passengers, drivers and support team.

Refer & Earn

Promote your shuttle service app by offering referral rewards to users.

Surge Pricing

Have a dynamic fare system to bridge the demand-supply gap during peak hours.

Number Masking

Offer this privacy feature to your users to increase trust in your service.

Share Trip

Passengers can share their journey with their close ones for assurance.

Web App

Provide users option to booking from the web, especially for new ones.

RTL Language Support

Run your shuttle app service for passengers who use RTL languages.


Technology And Solution Architecture

A robust shuttle service app development solution using a powerful technology stack to build
apps for startups and shuttle businesses.

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What will be the timeline for my shuttle app project?

We already have a ready to use solution focused on employee shuttle service needs. However, if you are interested in new features, enhancements, and integrations, time will be added accordingly.

We welcome you to provide us your contact details for our dedicated sales team to help you better.

Why develop a shuttle service app?

The on-demand shuttle bus service market is still in its early stages and there is a tremendous market opportunity. The available public transportation options are not good enough. Cab booking services have tried to solve the problem but are expensive. Shuttle bus experiences can provide the best of both worlds with affordability and convenience together.

We can help you with the right technology and development approach to launching your own shuttle service app. Contact us now.