Custom Telemedicine Software Solutions For All

Tekki Web Solutions Pvt.Ltd. provides a fantastic solution for all sorts of hospitals, clinics, and healthcare startups to provide the primary health services to the patients.


Telemedicine Health Startups

Connect Patients and Providers Together Online

Telemedicine app development – a single platform  for patients and doctors to connect with each other.

Hospitals and Healthcare Networks

Build Your Own Virtual Multi-Speciality Hospital

Provide your patients with instant telehealth services in emergency situations.

Primary-care Clinics

Offer Online Doctor Consultation

Avoid the commuting costs/time and consult your doctors online.

Solution Overview

Telemedicine Applications is a unique application in itself that helps the patients to consult doctors, booking online appointments, etc.

On-demand Doctor Consultations Made Seamless.

The patient app offers the patients, with the features like making an appointment, consulting a doctor online, etc. Patient apps are boon for patients who live in remote areas. It reduces the commuting time as well as price.

Harness Technology to Help Millions of People Have Healthier Lives.

With the arrival of the telemedicine software development solutions in the market, it has won the hearts of number of people. Since, it helps providers strengthens relationship with existing patients and expand their patient base.

Make Quality Consultation and Medical Service Available to All.

An admin panel manages all the activities, and it is provided with the features of analytics, which helps the doctors manage their operations accordingly. Doctors can manage the feedback given by the patients.


Do More with Additional Features and Integrations.

Check out the list of optional/premium features that you can get with custom telemedicine app development solution and benefit from depending on your business needs.

Make Healthcare Accessible And Affordable
With A Telehealth Platform.

We help you take the first step towards your own telehealth business and make quality healthcare
available to everyone.

Provide Quality Online Healthcare Services
To People of All Categories

Individuals and Families

Company Employees

Rural Population

Health Insurance Beneficiaries

Physically Disabled

People With White Coat Syndrome

Why Choose Our Telemedicine App Development?

TWS team ensures you to provide with the custom-made and fully-featured telemedicine application that will fulfil the industry needs.

Fully Customizable

Our online telemedicine solutions  are flexible enough to meet the specific needs of doctors and patients.

Time & Cost Efficient

Telemedicine Application is an online solution, so it saves the time as well as money.

Robust Doctor-on-Demand

Our solutions are embedded with the latest features like doctor-on-demand.

Third Party Integrations

We provide third-party integration for the payments and video/voice calling features.

User Friendly

Our design team always consider the user experience first and design the applications accordingly.

Dedicated Partner

We offer a dedicated team to help our clients with an end-to-end solution to deploy the telemedicine apps.

Global Solution

Multi-currency and language support enables doctors and providers across the globe to deploy our solution.

Payment Gateway Support

Our telemedicine solutions support all kinds of payment gateways to provide support to the patients.

Actionable Analytics

Doctors and Providers can use the analytics to manage all the activities.

Technology And Solution Architecture

Our Telemedicine Solutions are the technology stacks of the latest technologies and features.


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