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    Engineering Advice 5 Best Examples of UX Design in Real World

    5 Best Examples of UX Design in Real World

    Whenever a user explores any website, it is the UX design of the website that resists him to spend some time. In simple words, UX design plays a fantastic role in attracting traffic on your website. Now, how would you define the excellent user experience of a website? In actual, the user experience of a website includes metrics like useful information, accessibility in navigation, lack of friction, etc. 

    Bad UI/UX design would not impact your conversions, but it would create a wrong brand impression on your clients or visitors. For instance, you have dressed up your website with excellent graphics and working well with the coding of the latest technologies. Still, if the UX is confusing, then definitely, the user will get frustrated or irritated.

    What is UX design?

    UX design(User Experience Design) means the arrangement of the information and products on the website pages to provide the best user experience. So, the user wouldn’t face any difficulty while interacting with your website.

    What is the difference between UI and UX?

    UI(User Interface) the designing of the webpages like color changing, font design, size, images, etc., all such things come under the User Interface. While UX(User Experience) is all about the user experience with the website means how user-friendly your website is.

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    You can make your website’s user experience better by getting an idea from these websites’ examples. Here are the examples of the sites with beautiful UX design.

    • Google
    • Disney
    • Zoom 
    • Linkedin
    • Apple
    ux design


    Google kept its UX/UI design simple since 1998, which means, from the very beginning. Google’s website has the simplest UX design in the world. Google’s UX is one of the best and good UX design examples. Just search bar in the center, one button for search, and another one for doodles. Simple and pleasant UX design. Just go to the site and type your query and you will get what you are looking for. 

    ux design

    What we can learn from Google

    Did you ever think? Why did Google become this successful? Just because of the investments and marketing campaigns? The answer is no. 

    It is all because of the UX design. Google is one of the best and fastest tools ever developed. The user never needs any tutorials or tools to use this website. Moreover, Google is making its site more straightforward with the time by removing the extra links. So, whenever you create UI of your website, always keep it as simple as possible.


    After discussing the simplest one, let’s talk about the website, which is one of the messy websites. The name is Disney+. This website is an aggregator of movies and TV shows. 

    After getting login to Disney+, the user will get a landing page in front of him, including the top big shows on the front, and other movies categorized according to the genre in the bottom of the website. In between, it is displaying the logos of Disney’s top brands. The logo starts twinkling as the user move the cursor over it.

    ux design

    What we can learn from Disney+

    It gives us the message of the categorization of the immense information on the website. So, try to innovate the new design to attract the users and maintain the information on the site.

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    Who doesn’t know about the Zoom app or website? A fantastic virtual meeting website for the people. Zoom has made UX design easy-to-use by providing the four simple options on the landing page, like start a meeting, schedule a new meeting, join a meeting, and share your screen. Whenever a user clicks on any of these options, it guides the user to a new window. So, Zoom offers a user-friendly UX design.

    ux design

    What we can learn from Zoom

    Zoom has kept all the things sorted and prioritized the features accordingly. It offers only the required options on the screen that is necessary for a user during a meeting. So, it is mandatory to understand the need of the users and design your websites accordingly to give your end-users a better user experience.


    Did you ever imagine business life without Linkedin? How would you survive in the business world without the use of Linkedin? Linkedin has made our lives much easier than ever before. Whenever we create an account for the first time, Linkedin guides us on what to do next by showing the messages on the top. Linkedin also provides some tasks to complete the public profile, and it offers until your profile reaches the professional level, Right?

    ux design

    What we can learn from Linkedin

    Linkedin teaches the UX designers to make the website’s design alluring and knowledgeable as well. Without guidance, a fresh user would not able to use your website. So, you can guide the visitor by providing some pop-ups or notifications related to the features.


    Have you ever visited the Apple website to buy Apple products? If no, then visit it once. You will find the best example of UX/UI design. So, smooth and calm design. Let’s suppose you want to buy an Apple product, just go to the Apple website, and you will see the countries list on the top. Just select your countries. Under the countries categories, you can choose the product like Mac, iPad, iPhone, TV, Watch, etc. If you want to explore it more, click on the iPhone, you will move to the iPhone page with a list of the latest products. From where you can buy with just one click. How easy is it? Right?

    ux design

    What we can learn from Apple

    Apple gives the message of keeping things in the right order. No matter they have an extensive list of products, but they have arranged it so beautifully. Therefore, try to keep the design simple, to the point, and with the necessary information.

    ux design

    On the Whole

    Having a brilliant UX design is much more than a good design or style. It takes the designer’s creativity, thinking, and user experience. Always design the website or apps as per the user’s point of view. Keep it simple, beautiful, and knowledgeable as well. Good Luck!
    If you want to get the UI UX Design Services by the expert UI UX design company in San Jose, then hire the expert team of designers of Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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    Karan Bhardwaj
    Karan Bhardwajhttps://tekkiwebsolutions.com/
    My name is Karan Bhardwaj working as a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. An experienced chief marketing officer with an 8+ years background in marketing. Executed comprehensive marketing plans from start to finish. My Responsibilities: - - Responsible for business strategy, marketing operations, identifying new market opportunities, market research, branding, and business development. - Manage social media, promotions, print, radio, out of home, mobile media, web, SEO, and Google analytics. - Develop strategies to incorporate PR and media to further enhance brand and build market share. - Re-branded and repackaged A & D services to effectively thwart threats from key competitors.
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