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Devops Tools


Gradle is a reliable build tool and an incredibly versatile tool that allows the developers to write your code in Java, Python, and other languages. What’s more, the Gradle build tool is supported by popular IDEs such as Net beans, Eclipse. Google has announced Gradle as an official build tool for the Android Studio.

Features of Gradle Tool :-

  • Gradle build tool works on incremental builds that make it 100 times faster than the Maven.
  • Gradle is highly scalable and offers a high-performing build.
  • Gradle is an easy-to-use build tool and allows you to implement custom logic in your project.
  • Gradle facilitates ease in integration and migration of existing ant/maven project.


Git is one of the most prominent and extensively used DevOps tools across the software industry. The most alluring feature of the Git DevOps tool is that it allows you to track the progress of your development work. For the integration of Git tool with DevOps workflow, Git offers two hosting repo, named Github and Bitbucket.

Features of Git Tool :-

  • Git tool allows you to track the changes in the source code.
  • Git is a free and open-source distributed version control tool.
  • Git offers distributed development and supports collaboration that allows multiple developers to work together.
  • Git supports non-linear development by enabling easier parallel branching.


Jenkins is an automation tool, well-known for finding the code’s issues quickly. Jenkins is an open-source CI/CD continuous integration server that automates your delivery pipeline. Due to the availability of more than 1,000 plugins, it allows the integration of all types of DevOps tools, from Docker to Puppet.

Features of Jenkins Tool :-

  • Jenkins is an open-source DevOps tool with a huge and great support community.
  • Jenkins is quite easy-to-use and entirely free of cost DevOps tool.
  • Jenkins makes your coding work easy, as it offers more than a thousand plugins.
  • Jenkins saves both the time and cost of the project as its entire integration work is automated.


Similar to the Jenkins DevOps tool, Bamboo is Atlassian automation tool integration with similar features ranging from the build to deployment. Due to the availability of the pre-build functionalities in the Bamboo DevOps tool, it offers a fewer number of plugins.

Features of Bamboo Tool :-

  • Bamboo offers fantastic management support especially for large-scale.
  • Bamboo allows you more room for customizations, provides only 100 plugins.
  • Bamboo facilitates more flexibility to use various development tools.
    multiple developers to work together.
  • Bamboo helps the developers to use CI/CD methodologies.

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    Docker DevOps tool is most popular for its containerization in the tech world. It makes the development portable and more secure by isolating the applications in separate containers. The apps developed using Docker are operating system and platform-independent.

    Features of Docker Tool :-

    • Docker tool isolates the applications to eliminate conflicts for enhancing security.
    • Docker enables application portability and security.
    • Docker tool offers faster software delivery cycles as it makes it easy to put new versions of the software.
    • Docker offers containerized apps that use far less memory than virtual machines.


    Kubernetes enables the devOps consultants to automate the process of managing hundreds of containers. Kubernetes is an open-source DevOps tool originally designed by Google and maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. It helps in application deployment, scaling, and management.

    Features of Kubernetes Tool :-

    • Kubernetes tool is a highly portable and flexible tool as it used with a variety of infrastructure and environment configurations
    • Kubernetes enhance the developer’s productivity of developer to GitOps.
    • Kubernetes offers multi-cloud strategies make it easy Kubernetes to scale.
    • Kubernetes is an open-source and community-led DevOps tools.

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