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    Frontend Frameworks GatsBy VueJS vs Gatsby - Which is the best Framework to use?

    VueJS vs Gatsby – Which is the best Framework to use?

    There is no doubt, Vuejs vs Gatsby has become the trending word for the developers. Although both these frameworks are quite new in the developer’s world, but still, getting on fire with the time. So, today we are going to discuss these two powerful frameworks for the web and mobile app development. Let’s start a discussion on the trending topic: vuejs vs gatsby.

    What is Gatsby?

    GatsbyJS (based on React) is a free, open-source framework used to develop quick and reliable websites and applications. One of the best and powerful UX trends of 2020. Gatsby is a static site generator that is the combination of the best features of the React Javascript and GraphQL. Gatsby is based on the JAMstack – Javascript, APIs, and Markup which relates to three factors – high performance, safety, and scalability. 

    Gatsby = ReactJs+Webpack+GraphQL

    Top Companies that use Gatsby

    • Airbnb
    • SEOmonitor
    • Just Do It

    How Does Gatsby Works?

    vuejs vs gatsby

    Talking about the actual working of the Gatsby framework, Gatsby is a static site generator that pulls the data from the data sources and creates the website. Gatsby architecture relies on three factors: Data Sources, Build, and Deploy. In Gatsby, the data is fully secure. Gatsby pulls only the required data from the data sources. It pre-renders all the pages on build with the CDNs to make the process of static site development fast.

    Features of Gatsby

    • Gatsby based on React
    • Use GraphQL to manage the data through the application
    • Partners with platforms like Netlify and Github
    • Embedded with the plugins
    • Bundles of APIs
    • Components like routing, linking, and handling images.

    Gatsby features over other static site generators:

    • JavaScript environment
    • Better Development Experience
    • Performance
    • Rich Ecosystem

    Why choose Gatsby for the website development ?

    • Gatsby is a PWA(Progressive Web App) generator that loads only the critical HTML, CSS, data, and Javascript which further helps your website to load as fast as possible. Gatsby makes the use of the latest and reliable technologies like ReactJs, Webpack, GraphQL, latest ES6+ Javascript, and CSS.
    • Gatsby development helps to develop your sites with your data. You can retrieve data from the headless CMS, SaaS services, APIs, Databases, etc. Gatsby builds your sites as “static” files which reduce the time consumed in deployment. So, in this comparison of two powerful frameworks, vuejs vs gatsby, let’s now discuss the Vuejs framework.

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    vuejs vs gatsby

    What is Vuejs?

    Vue.js is a progressive framework designed especially to create user interfaces. The focus of the core library is on the view layer only that are quite easy to pick and implement in other libraries and projects. Vuejs development services are quite popular for the development of frontend frameworks due to flexibility. Vuejs development allows you to code – approachable, versatile, and performant, maintainable, testable.

    Top Companies that use Vuejs

    • Facebook
    • Netflix
    • Adobe
    • Alibaba
    • Grammarly
    • GitLab

    How Does Vuejs Works ?

    vuejs vs gatsby

    In Vuejs working, The rendering process in Vuejs is quite similar to the procedure of rendering a string template, but in actual, it goes through a lot to accomplish the task of rendering. Let’s have a look on how Vuejs enables to render data to DOM using the template sytax:
    In JavaScript

    var app = new Vue({
      el: '#app',
      data: {
        message: 'Hello TWS World!'

    Hello TWS World!

    Features of Vuejs

    • Virtual DOM(Document-Object-Model)
    • Data Binding
    • CSS Transitions and Animations
    • Templates
    • Flexibility and Modularity
    • Optimization

    Vuejs features over other frameworks

    • Easy flow of data due to one way binding
    • Clear Separation between directives and components

    Why choose Vuejs for the website development ?

    • Vuejs helped to design the future proof websites as whenever it releases any update, it ensures that it would be compatible with the older versions. Vuejs is a progressive framework that makes the process more manageable as you can work on it by sorting the components.
    • Due to the small size of the Vuejs applications, it gives better performance as compared to the similar type of frameworks. Vuejs is time-efficient since it saves time by providing built-in features, components, and animations, etc. Vuejs mostly used in real-time websites to get real-time value results.

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    Vuejs vs Gatsby: Google Trends Popularity

    If we check the demand of both the technologies: Vuejs vs Gatsby around the world, then Vuejs gained more popularity as compared to the Gatsby in the past 12 months on Google Trends.

    vuejs vs gatsby


    Vuejs vs Gatsby, both are open-source Javascript frameworks and having its own functionalities and features. But, if we talk about the winner from these two, then Vue.js is recommendable for large scale projects like enterprise websites while gatsby.js is reliable in informative static page websites. However, Vue.js seems more powerful as the complexity of the website goes up. I hope, you enjoyed this article on the comparison on vuejs vs gatsby, rest the choice for the use frontend frameworks is all relies on the demand and requirements of your projects, so you can choose these frameworks accordingly.

    If you are looking for the gatsby development company or vuejs development company, then contact, Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to hire vuejs developer for the static site development services.

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    Sarbjit Grewalhttps://www.tekkiwebsolutions.com/
    Mr. Sarbjit Singh Grewal is the Founder & CEO of Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. an IT company delivering integrated business intelligence software solutions for the past decade. In 2006, he capitalized on his 13 years of experience in the global trade flow and software industry by leading Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and since then has been serving as the CEO
    vuejs vs gatsby


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