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    Engineering Advice Best HTML Editor Tools for Web Developers

    Best HTML Editor Tools for Web Developers

    Those days are gone when web developers use to write the complete by themselves, now, with the evolving technologies, the demand for the online editor tools is increasing. No doubt, you would use the Notepad for the website development, but make the development process more efficient and quick, there is a need for the online HTML editor tools. The website developers probably choose the HTML editor tools due to the two most fascinating features: syntax highlighting and autocompletion. Having additional features in online HTML editor tools is its plus point. But, before starting with the topic of the HTML editor tools or IDE(Integrated Development Environment), let’s first discuss 

    What is HTML?

    HTML is Hypertext Markup Language used to create the web pages of the websites. HTML is not a programming language; instead, it is used to develop a format for the websites with the paragraphs, Text, buttons, shapes, etc. So, now, let’s begin with the HTML Editors.

    What is HTML Editor Tools?

    HTML Editors are the tools that are used to create and edit the HTML code. Basically, HTML editor tools help you write the HTML code and allow the websites’ real-time preview. Some HTML Editors provide functionalities more than just writing the HTML codes. So, it varies from editor to editor. These HTML editor tools allow you to correct errors and analyze the code or website before it goes live. Some of the HTML editors are available online, or you can download them from the websites. There are several HTML editors available for web developers; all of these editors have their own uniques functionalities and features.

    Which tool is used for HTML Coding?

    The most popular tools used for HTML coding are Visual Studio Code, Atom, Notepad++, Sublime Text, Netbeans, Adobe Dreamweaver CC, etc.

    What are the ten basic HTML tags?

    The most common and basic HTML tags are <html>…</html>, <head>…</head>, <body>…</body>, <a>…</a>, <p>…</p>, <h1>…</h1>, <img>…</img>, <div>…</div>, <span>…</span>

    Benefits of Using the HTML Editor Tools

    There are many benefits of using the HTML editor tools over simple Notepad for web development. Here are the benefits of using the HTML editors:

    • The use of HTML editors makes editing and development faster.
    • It helps the beginners to learn the HTML more quickly.
    • It makes the code more human-readable, as it includes the comments and other notes in coding.
    • Easy to develop a website and put online.
    • It provides a real-time preview of the HTML code.
    • It offers to autocomplete code features.
    • It facilities the platform for the easy learning of the HTML code.

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    Best HTML Editor Tools for Web Developers

    Here is the list of some of the best HTML Editor Tools that are quite famous among the web developers for the HTML coding and real-time analysis of the website development.


    html editor tools

    Developed By – GitHub
    Initial Release – February 26, 2014
    Written in – Electron, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, HTML, Less

    Atom is a modern editing tool for Windows, Linux, and Mac. This HTML editor is full-featured, including the other programming languages for web development like JavaScript, Node.js, CSS. Atom is a free and open-source editor tool that allows the users to share the projects and allows the collaboration using the GitHub repositories.

    Features of Atom HTML Editor

    • Atom is a free and open-source HTML editor.
    • Atom supports the multiple panes to compare and write code side-by-side.
    • Atom allows the faster and smarter coding with flexible autocompletion feature.
    • Atom supports Teletype that helps the collaboration with other developers in real-time.
    • Atom is a completely customizable HTML editor for the website developers.
    • Atom is a cross-platform editing tool.


    html editor tools

    Developed By – Don Ho
    Initial Release – November 25, 2003
    Written in – C++

    Nodepad++ is a free HTML editing tool for Window users. It can also be used by the Linux users, but with the help of the Wine. Notepad++ is the first tool a developer often uses for the very first time. It is very simple and easy to learn and code on Nodepad++. Notepad++ handles several useful languages for the WordPress developers that include HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.

    Features of Notepad++ Editor Tool

    • Notepad++ provides a simple, lightweight, and fast user interface.
    • Notepad++ supports a multi-language coding environment.
    • Nodepad++ is a free and open-source HTML editor.
    • Developers can customize and personalize the features of Nodepad++.
    • Nodepad++ offers the features for the addition and customizations of the plugins.

    Sublime Text

    html editor tools

    Developed By – Sublime HQ
    Initial Release – January 18, 2008
    Written in – C++, Python

    The Sydney-based development company develops sublime Text HTML editor. It is a freemium HTML editor tool that you can use for free, but you need a license to access all features of Sublime Text. Sublime Text allows the community to add its own plugins, and it is an entirely customizable HTML editor. Sublime Text is compatible with all platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac. Sublime Text is one of the most downloaded HTML editors for the HTML coding in website development.

    Features of Sublime Text Editor Tool

    • Sublime Text is known for the functionality expansion as it supports Python APIs.
    • Sublime Text allows real-time changes to the HTML code.
    • Sublime Text also a cross-platform HTML editor.
    • With Sublime Text, the developers can make simultaneous changes to the different code windows.
    • Sublime Text automatically generates the class, method, and function definitions.
    html editor tools

    Adobe Dreamweaver CC

    html editor tools

    Developed By – Adobe Inc.
    Initial Release – December 1997
    Written in – C++

    Adobe Dreamweaver CC is a multifunctional web development tool featured with the HTML and CSS capabilities. Adobe Dreamweaver CC is a premium tool for Web Developers that fulfills both the front-end and back-end web development needs. Adobe Dreamweaver CC is one of the best HTML editors supporting both the textual and WYSIWYG methods for code editing.

    Features of Adobe Dreamweaver CC

    • Adobe Dreamweaver allows the coding in any programming language.
    • It supports both the textual and WYSIWYG coding methods for website development.
    • Adobe Dreamweaver is known for its high-end performance and community support from Adobe Inc.
    • Adobe Dreamweaver is integrated with the features of the Adobe software ecosystem.
    • It allows the real-time preview of the end product while coding.
    • It provides user access to creative cloud libraries.

    Visual Studio Code

    html editor tools

    Developed By – Microsoft Corporation
    Initial Release – April 29, 2015
    Written in – TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS

    Visual Studio Code is one of the popular HTML editor tools used for the HTML code editing by the maximum number of web developers. Visual Studio Code is a free code editor with an immense number of features, including the smart autocompletion and syntax highlighter. For the easier deployment and development of the websites, it offers compatibility with Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Visual Studio Coe works with Python, HTML, and other common programming languages.

    Features of Visual Studio Code

    • Visual Studio Code allows the deployment with the Microsoft Azure for easier deployment.
    • It is a cross-platform compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.
    • It enhances the exposure to the advanced features with the IntelliSense integration.
    • Visual Studio Code provides the customizations by adding extensions for plugins, debuggers, and other features.
    • It allows the debugging feature for real-time results.
    • Visual Studio offers the GitHub integration.

    -CoffeeCup HTML Editor

    html editor tools

    Developed By – CoffeeCup Software
    Initial Release – August 1996
    Written in – HTML, CSS

    CoffeeCup is one of the best premium tools for HTML editing. It also offers a few days of free trial for the better developer experience of HTML coding. It is a WYSIWYG tool used for the easy editing and development of the HTML websites. The premium version of CoffeeCup provides unlimited web developers’ complete features, ranging from the FTP connections, HTML/CSS validation, code cleaning, etc.

    Features of CoffeeCup HTML editors

    • CoffeeCup is an HTML editor has better for customer support and easy to use.
    • CoffeCup provides both free as well as a premium package for the developers.
    • CoffeeCup offers customizable responsive themes for web development.
    • It offers responsive tools and layouts for website development.
    • It has large community support and regular upgrades.
    • It allows the integration with the HTML and CSS languages.


    html editor tools

    Developed By – Apache Software Foundation, Oracle Corporation
    Initial Release – 1997
    Written in – Java

    Netbeans is also known as Apache Netbeans developed in Java programming language. Apache Netbeans helps web developers to robust web applications. Netbeans is not similar to most of the HTML editors as it provides the features of version control. Netbeans is a free and open-source HTML editor tools used by the numerous giant companies for versatile web development services.

    Features of Apache Netbeans

    • Netbeans is a free and open-source cross-platform HTML editor for web development.
    • It helps to build powerful and robust web applications using the HTML code.
    • It allows you to code in multiple programming languages like HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, and other programming languages.
    • It provides features like version control and autocompletes coding.
    • Netbeans also offers smart and quick project management within the code editor.

    In a few words

    The HTML editor tools’ selection relies on several factors like the size of the project, project requirements, the features you want, etc. For instance, some developers want version control; however, others only want the autocompletion feature for faster coding. So, it completely depends on the developer’s preference. You can choose the best for yourself from this list of HTML editors for the website development. If you want to get any kind of support in HTML5 development services, then hire web developer of company, Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 

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    Sarbjit Grewalhttps://www.tekkiwebsolutions.com/
    Mr. Sarbjit Singh Grewal is the Founder & CEO of Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. an IT company delivering integrated business intelligence software solutions for the past decade. In 2006, he capitalized on his 13 years of experience in the global trade flow and software industry by leading Tekki Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and since then has been serving as the CEO
    html editor tools


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